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Why do Hospital Beds have a "CPR Release"?

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Why do Hospital Beds have a "CPR Release"?

Some hospital beds are equipped with CPR Release buttons. What are the CPR Release button used for when using hospital beds? Well first let me explain. CPR, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. comprises of chest compressions and rescue breaths. The aim of CPR is to keep oxygenated blood moving around the body in order to keep vital tissues alive during a cardiac arrest before the arrival of a defibrillator.

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In order to achieve adequate depth of chest compressions, the victim should be on a hard flat surface. A mattress at home is unlikely to be hard enough to perform effective chest compressions.

Mattresses designed for medical purposes (eg: in hospital or in a residential care home) may be hard enough, many hospital beds also have a CPR setting. Now why do many hospital beds have a CPR setting and what does that do? Well again it's to create a hard surface. 

So soon as you hit the CPR button on the hospital bed it's a quick realise of making a flat surface. Now we can either transfer patient to the floor or put a hard back board more easily underneath the patient. This in effect creates a hard flat surface so the CPR we perform can and will be efficient and hopefully effective.

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