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Why can Lightweight Wheelchairs Increase your Quality of Life?

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Why can Lightweight Wheelchairs Increase your Quality of Life?


For those facing mobility issues, the thought of consigning themselves to a lightweight wheelchair  is met by apprehension or absolute refusal, because they are afraid of how this might impact their independence.


But for many wheelchair users, quite the opposite is experienced. Rather than limiting your movements and isolating yourself from others at home, a chair grants you the freedom to perform your daily tasks, socialising with friends and doing what you love without being restricted by your body.


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Make arrangements to go out and enjoy the sunshine by yourself


Up until now, you might have avoided going outside, especially without company present, because you feel the worst could happen at any time.


On the flip side, you might be a prideful person and hate the idea of asking for help or inconveniencing others.


Take short journeys by yourself knowing that your chair will keep you out of harm's way. If you plan to travel on public transport, you will not have to worry about the inconvenience of having to get in and out of your chair because busses and other modes of transportation have areas dedicated to wheelchair users.


The choice in lightweight wheelchairs nationwide is influenced by three critical factors important to the user; maximum mobility, enhanced comfort and optimal functionality. Neglect to meet certain design criteria and a user may experience a few less-than-desirable outcomes, impose poor posture and restrict the ability to live independently, not to mention the extreme difficulties discomfort brings.


The purpose of lightweight wheelchairs nationwide is intended to enhance the quality of life for the user. Through overcoming mobility issues, a user can continue to enjoy the activities and social outings that bring them pleasure.


The design specifics of lightweight wheelchairs nationwide significantly affect user mobility, speed and handling. Also essential to choice are certain biochemical factors that one needs to be heedful of: a user's weight and body shape.


Factors that impact wheelchair mobility and manageability


When deciding upon their choice of wheelchair, users should be mindful of a few factors that will improve mobility and manoeuvrability, especially when used outside. The following points are considered the most essential:


Weight load distribution

The correct weight load pressure between front and rear wheels is useful to improve friction. Enhanced friction provides greater stability for the user although it does require slightly more energy to engage the wheelchair in the case of self-propelled wheelchairs.


Enjoy the hobbies you used to


Has your limited range of motion resulted in you giving up the hobbies that you were once passionate about?


A lightweight wheelchair might appeal to people who were previously active and do not want to give up their adventuring, despite the issues they now face.


Unlike other models, which are often big, bulky and difficult to manoeuvre, lightweight wheelchairs are less weighty than their counterparts, and fitted with bigger wheels, are easier to navigate and mount pavements and similar obstacles. This means more time spent in the outdoors, and less time cooped up indoors.


Go on and explore the world?


Do not let the thought of travelling with a mobility aid deter you from seeing the wonders of the world. Other lightweight wheelchair users have done it, and so can you!


While it may require extra planning, travelling with a wheelchair is possible. Airports are wheelchair accessible and do have policies in place that ensure you board your time timeously without complications, with the required assistance from their staff.


Lightweight wheelchairs are easily stowed away when not in use


Older models tend to take up a lot of space, which might make a small apartment feel even more cramped.


Lightweight models are foldable and can fit into smaller spaces when you are not using it, and can also be easily reassembled when it is needed.


A reliable companion for life


One of the reasons people dislike moving from a walking stick to a chair is that they believe they do not have full control over a chair when it comes to navigating around on uneven terrain.


While we do not recommend that these chairs be used on the road, they can be manoeuvred over grass and pavements without facing difficulties.


Resorting to a wheelchair does not mean relinquishing your freedom, but instead provides you with a life with more possibilities and joy.



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