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Where to Buy Manual Hospital Beds?

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Where to Buy Manual Hospital Beds?

Hospital beds are usually divided into two kinds: manual hospital beds and electric hospital beds. People know that manual hospital beds are operated by hand cranks and electric hospital beds are controlled by electricity. If the hospital bed is for short term usage and you don't have enough budget, it is better to choose a manual hospital bed for your loved one. So, do you know where to buy manual hospital beds?


The fast and easy way is to find a store in the neighborhood, where you can see the manual hospital beds in the flesh and experience them, from which you will get well known of the material, how the mattress perform, is the raising height suitable, is the size enough and so on. After comparing among sore retailers, you can find the manual hospital bed that you need the most.


The second way is to find manual hospital beds online. For example, you can search on google:”where to buy manual hospital beds'. Among the answers, you can find hospital beds shops and hospital beds factory/manufacturer. By the way, if you want to buy high quality and low-cost manual hospital beds, it's better to choose a hospital bed manufacturer to work with, where they will provide high quality manual hospital beds with factory prices. Hospital beds manufacturers are always experience in designing, manufacturing and selling manual hospital beds.

Today we would like to introduce a famous manual hospital beds manufacturer/factory to you, which is Maidesite.


Born in 2009, Hebei Ruilangde Medical Apparatus and Instruments Technology Group Co.,Ltd. manufactures R&D medical devices, specializing in hospital beds, home nursing beds, manual&electric wheelchairs, etc.

Branding as Maidesite®, creativity keeps us moving forward and quality is the soul of our culture. Global customers rely on us to deliver safe, durable and comfortable medical devices to make the world a bit better.

MD-BS2-003 Steel Frame 2 Cranks Manual Hospital Bed Hand Control

MD-BS2-003 (3)


Hebei Ruilangde Medical Device Technology Group Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development, production and sales of medical devices and rehabilitation aids. It is a high-tech enterprise recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology and a "Rehabilitation Auxiliary Product Application Demonstration Unit" recognized by the Hebei Provincial Government. Member unit of Hebei Medical Device Association, member unit of China Association of Rehabilitation Auxiliary Devices. The company's main products include: rehabilitation nursing beds, medical beds, hand, electric wheelchairs, atomizers, oxygen generators, breathing consumables, anti-decubitus air mattresses, etc.


Since its establishment, Ruilangde Group has adhered to the principle of "quality for survival, innovation for development", and has successively obtained ISO9001, ISO13485, EU CE certification and other certificates, and its product quality has been widely recognized by the market. While improving product quality, it has continuously increased investment in technology research and development, improved its independent innovation capabilities, established industry-university-research partnerships with relevant universities and R&D institutions, and declared more than 100 patents, laying a solid foundation for the rapid development of the company.


Maidesite always holds the belief that" Together Makes Better" to provide better products or services. For years, we took part in exhibitions in Dubai/India/Mexico/Thailand/Japan/Germany to communicate with excellent peers in the industry and reach a broader audience. By mow Maidesite has been successfully grown business in more than 50 countries around the world. The medical equipment is highly praised by many partners and customers.


Maidesite has three branch offices and their functions are as follows: Hebei branch office is committed to R&D, designing and manufacturing; Hangzhou branch office aims at online business; Hong Kong branch office is responsible for cross-border business and overseas docking. The headquarter along with the three branch offices are leading Maidesite to develop and bring world class medical equipment to the world.

If you need to work with a manual hospital bed manufacturer, contact the 12 years' manufacturer Maidesite now. We will provide factory prices with high quality.