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Where to Buy Hospital Beds Online?

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Where to Buy Hospital Beds Online?

If you need to buy hospital beds recently, you may wonder where to buy hospital beds online. As a hospital bed manufacturer, Maidesite sells manual hospital beds, electric hospital beds and home nursing beds with various types. Here we are going to introduce three types of best selling hospital beds at Maidesite.

DP80 Electric ICU Hospital Bed

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This type of electric all-rounded protection hospital bed features a wide range of adjustability that makes it as easy as possible to attain high-quality patient care. The agile wheels bring effortless manoeuvring and mobility, enabling a patient to receive treatment without physical difficulty or unnecessary wheelchair transfer. The four bars split side rails keep patients well-protected in any positions.

Maidesite SP60 Manual Three Functions Hospital Bed

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This bed is flexible and can be adapted and adjusted to suit various needs. The side rails keep patients well-protected from falling. This hospital bed also come with a range of accessories to make sure it's well-equipped to meet user's needs.

E101 Residential Styling Electric Home Nursing Bed

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Our E-101 multifunctional electric home nursing bed is a best choice for nursing at home use. The head and knee sections raise simultaneously which helps keep the user from sliding to the end of bed. The bed combines aesthetically pleasing designs with innovative features to create an ideal bed for any home care environment.

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