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Where to Buy Electric Hospital Beds?

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Where to Buy Electric Hospital Beds?

Maidesite is a hospital bed manufacturer/hospital bed supplier, if you wonder where to buy electric hospital beds, you can contact us and inquiry the hospital bed price, we are happy to work with customers worldwide:

Hospital beds are normally seen in hospitals, nowadays with the increasing needs of hospital bed for home care, more and more people begin to buy hospital bed for their loved ones to use at home. There are three types of hospital beds: manual hospital beds, semi-electric hospital beds and full-electric hospital beds. In this article when we talk about electric hospital beds, they refer to full-electric hospital beds, after all, the full-electric hospital beds have the most advantages among the two others.

MD-BD5-005 EMC Certificate Cheap 5 Functions Electric Hospital Bed Medical With Motors Power

MD-BD5-005 (5)

Maidesite electric hospital beds carry many features. You can see the detachable high quality ABS head ends and foot ends. The back and knee sections raise simultaneously which  helps keep the user from sliding to the end of bed.

Noiseless casters for easy manoeuvring and mobility. These wheels are also lockable for patient safety during use or transfer.

Manual & Electric Operation: If power fails, the bed can be operated by crank, which provide you with reliable security.

Backrest Lifting: Patients can sit on the bed with his back lean against the backrest and do some daily activities easily, lessening nursing burden for both patients and nurse. Simply  raising a patient's head can ease breathing problems or aid with feedings.

Knee lifting: Relax patients legs, promote blood circulation, preventing varicose veins.Raising the feet can help with movement or may provide physical relief for certain painful   medical conditions.

CPR button and emergency stop button, battery support even power off.

The junction parst between bed legs and screws adopt sheet metal stamping technology to make sure the fastness and completness of the bed.

All-rounded protection: with four bars split guardrail, reducing the severity of injuries that might be caused by them falling out of bed.

Trendelenburg and reversed trendelenburg: 10±3°

The whole bed lifting: the bed can be raised or lowered in height at specific points, which provide much more flexibility for both caregiver and patient. Changing the height of a      hospital bed makes it easier for patients to get in and out of bed more comfortably, and it may also help medical staff administer treatments.

If you are still bothered by where to buy electric hospital beds, take Maidesite hospital bed into consideration and our comfortable hospital bed will satisfy you with good quality!