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When is a Lightweight Wheelchair Suitable?

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When is a Lightweight Wheelchair Suitable?

For those of us who use assistance to get around more easily, it is important to understand the use and value of different models of wheelchairs, in order to opt for the most suitable and applicable style that will meet our needs adequately.

Depending on your level of disability, and the length of time that you find that you need to be in your chair to get around, a lightweight wheelchair might be the perfect addition, in order to enable you to enjoy getting around the house or out and about more easily.

The nature of a lightweight wheelchair means that it is easily foldable and portable, so these features, unlike other wheelchairs, make them suitable for those people who are not permanently using a chair for their mobility. Rather, they find that walking or standing for an extended amount of time is difficult and would benefit from the ease in which they can produce and set up a wheelchair to continue getting around in.

This does not mean it is specifically designed for such people. Anyone who feels that they can benefit from an easily portable wheelchair can enjoy the benefits that these models can provide. There are a few downsides that need to be acknowledged however, when trading off the stability and comfort of a less portable and heavier model.

What are some of the downsides?

First of all, these models of wheelchairs are always manual, meaning that a person will use their arms and upper body strength to move the chair and themselves around. Although the frame of the chair itself is quite light and therefore easier to manipulate than other manual models, some people who do not have appropriate upper body strength may find it difficult to get themselves around.

This is particularly true when travelling over uneven, bumpy or steep terrains. Although you may be excited to be able to use this type of wheelchair for adventurous exertions out and about, unfortunately, many people find that they do not have the ability to manipulate these chairs for such a purpose.

You may need to pause and consider what the use of the wheelchair is primarily going to be for and to look around for the most appropriate model for these occasions. If you are looking for a chair that helps you to get out to the shopping centre and around for the day, this could perhaps be the more suitable style for you.

And the upsides?

There are plenty of positive aspects to these models and as such, are fast becoming a favourable option for people who are temporarily disabled, due to injury or illness, or are ageing and finding themselves less able to get around.

By being able to quickly fold and unfold these wheelchairs without assistance and have them stored in the boot of a car, those people who are looking to maintain their independence, whilst using some form of mobility assistance, can get the best of both worlds.

Wheelchair users who use these models do not need specialized cars or vans to transport their wheelchairs in, nor do they need a nurse or support person to aid them in their day to day activities. They are easy to use on all modes of travel, whether it be car, plane, bus or train, meaning that your life does not have to be hindered by where your chair can go.

A lot of users of these models are people who are still able to walk but struggle to cover longer distances or stay on their feet for extended periods of time. Those who have an injury or the elderly may fall into this category.

So if you are interested in being able to take your wheelchair in the car with you and to be easily able to take it out and set it up on your own, then a lighter weight model should be a style that you are looking for. Comfort may be a factor that you need to compromise on, as many of the seats are not cushioned, but if you are not using the chair for an extended amount of time, this should not be of great concern.

What other features are appealing?

A great thing about many of these styles of wheelchairs is that they are somewhat customizable, meaning that manufacturers can have a chair built to fit you perfectly. You can play around with grips, handles and foot rest placements to suit your needs. By speaking with us, we can advise you on what changes we can make to add comfort and maneuverability to your life.

As the chair itself is quite lightweight, it is easier to move around by yourself. These models have great control, which allows you to enjoy a speed on even terrain that is entirely up to you. Rough, steep or bumpy terrain can become a little more difficult and a chair with more weight might be more desirable for people who believe they will be traversing such ground.

By trying out one of these chairs for yourself, you will soon see the advantages it has to offer and you can make an informed decision as to whether these styles are right for you. If you are a lightweight wheelchair distributor and you are looking for a reliable lightweight wheelchair supplier, you can come to Maidesite, a 12 years' lightweight wheelchair manufacturer. We accepet OEM&ODM. Contact us anytime for more cooperation information.