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What to Notice When Using a Hospital Bed?

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What to Notice When Using a Hospital Bed?

When using a hospital bed, if using at home, make sure that the head of the hospital bed is used as the head of the bed and the bed is installed in the proper position. The operating mechanisms are different and will effect the correct use of the hospital bed.

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Notice the operating features. Are they electric or manual? Raising the head of the hospital bed is an option needed when caring for the sick.

Check for proper use of the options. Which buttons are the up position or which way to manually turn if necessary.

Note the CPR release. Each hospital bed should have an easy to access CPR release to quickly flatten to give CPR if necessary. It is usually a red lever that is easy to pull.

Check the power cords for fraying or any flaws that could cause shock or inoperation of the bed. Don't accept a bed with frayed power cord.

Do not use an extension cord with the bed. The bed is designed to be plugged directly into a wall. Also keep the cord out of the way and not a tripping hazard.

Teach the patient on the bed's use. How to raise the head of the bed, how to press the nurse call button, if applicable.

Use the rails on the side of the hospital bed. They are usually just a partial side and not extending the length of the bed. This can assist the patient in sitting up to exit the bed and can help a patient from accidentally falling out if they are on medication that makes them drowsy. If they run the length of the bed, it may anger the patient so use your judgment if at home.

Notice the mattress. The mattress should be in good condition and not smell. It should fit the bed without over-hanging the sides and top and bottom.