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What is a Proper Hospital Beds Price?

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What is a Proper Hospital Beds Price?

Hospital beds price in the market differs in different manufacturers. Many peopel want to know about the average hospital beds price before buying a hospital bed. The hospital beds price variance is largely due to features and size.

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Electric vs. Manual

Manual hospital beds are adjusted via a hand crank while an electric one is made electronically. The hospital beds price of manual could be hundreds while electric ones could be over $1000.

Bed Dimensions

The length of a standard hospital bed from the top of the bed to the bottom of the bed is 38” width by 84” length. However, there are extension kits to extend the length of some hospital beds. Of course, the larger one goes in size, the more the hospital beds is.

Weight Bearing

Most home hospital beds can accommodate weight up to 450 pounds. A bariatric bed can hold up to 1,000 pounds. Bariatric bed is also a big point to affect the hospital beds price.

Bed Sheets

Home hospital beds require sheets that are specifically made for this type of bed. One should expect extra $50 on hospital beds price.

Mattress Pads

Home hospital beds also require mattress pads that are specifically made for home hospital beds. A variety of different types of mattresses are available for purchase, including air, gel, and foam. They also will increase the hospital beds price.


Other add-ons to affect hospital beds price include side rails, IV poles and so on.

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