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What is a Five Function Hospital Bed?

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What is a Five Function Hospital Bed?

If you are new to the hospital bed market, you may wonder what a five function hospital bed is. As a manufacturer of hospital beds, Maidesite is going to share some knowledge with you.

Maidesite Five Function Electric Hospital Bed

A five-function home hospital bed has five adjustments. They are typically head (or back), foot, height, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg adjustments.

Standard consumer beds are fixed platforms, parallel to the floor, and locked in at a certain height. Adjustable hospital beds, in contrast, feature mechanisms that allow occupants and caregivers to modify the bed's shape, height, and even the angle of the bed's surface.

Adjustable bed manufacturers and retailers categorize hospital beds according to the number and type of adjustments. We discussed in an earlier article how beds are categorized according to the way their adjustments are powered: manual, semi-electric, and fully electric. In this article, we talk about five function hospital beds, in fact, it is categorized by numbers of adjustments. Therefore, there are three to nine function hospital beds, even more functions in the future.

A basic home hospital bed may only be adjustable in one location, often at the head so the occupant can comfortably sit up in bed. As beds become more sophisticated, the number and flexibility of the adjustments increases, culminating in the five-function bed with electric adjustments. Each adjustment serves a purpose, contributing to the comfort, safety, and the treatment of the patient.

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