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What are the Types of Wheelchairs?

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What are the Types of Wheelchairs?

Generally speaking, wheelchair can be divided into different types according to specific sorting ways. According to the drive mode, wheelchair is divided into manual wheelchair and electric wheelchair or power wheelchair. For the structure, there are foldable wheelchair and unfoldable wheelchairs. For users, it can be divided into adult wheelchair, pediatric wheelchair. As for functions, there are regular wheelchair, wheelchair for hemiplegia, wheelchair for amputation, sports wheelchair.

airport wheelchair

More specific:

Manual attendant wheelchair which is propelled by companion

Powered attendant-controlled wheelchair

Bimanual rear-wheel-driven wheelchair which is to propel the wheelrim or rear wheel by user.

Bimanual front-wheel-driven wheelchair which is to propel the wheelrim or front wheel by user.

Bimanual lever-wheel-driven wheelchair which is propelled by operating the lever

Single - side - driven non-powered wheelchair. User can use the arm which is strong and dexterous to propel the handrim.

Foot-driven wheelchair which is pushed by foot of user

Electric/motor - driven wheelchair with manual steering/joystick

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