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What are the Types of Electric Hospital Beds?

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What are the Types of Electric Hospital Beds?

An electric hospital bed is designed to provide a stable, safe, and comfortable environment for a person to rest, heal, recover, and receive care at home. Different from the traditional beds found in most homes, a electric hospital bed offers greater security and positional versatility, allowing the head and foot sections to be raised or lowered and the height of the bed to be adjusted.



Electric hospital beds are available in so many different styles, sizes, designs, and from so many different manufacturers that it can be overwhelming trying to choose the right one for you or your loved one. Because of this, we've gathered together all the information you need to know in one place, helping you to make your decision with confidence.


Types of hospital beds

Basically, hospital beds can be broken down into three options to choose from: a manual bed, a semi-electric bed, and a full electric bed.


Manual hospital beds

These beds are characterized by their lack of electric adjustment capabilities. Manual hospital beds allow users to adjust the positions of the head and/or foot sections by using a hand crank located at the foot or head of the bed.




These beds are often lower-priced than their electric counterparts.

They provide a great solution for patients who do not need too much positioning adjustment.



Manual beds offer less adjustment than electric beds and often only offer either head or foot adjustment and no bed height adjustment.

If the user does not have the arm strength or mobility to operate the crank independently, a caregiver might be needed for assistance.

Semi-Electric hospital beds

These beds feature both manual and electric adjustment, usually the head/foot sections of the bed can be adjusted electrically, while the bed height is manually adjusted with a crank. The semi-electric hospital bed is the best of both worlds between the manual and the electric bed.




Electric head/foot adjustment offers easier repositioning

Great solution for people who need more adjustment, but don't want the cost of a full electric bed

Head/foot adjustment can be easily operated by the patient without help



Manual height adjustment can be difficult to operate if you need it.

Often more expensive than fully manual beds


Electric hospital beds

Full electrical adjustment of both the bed sections and the height makes life easier for both patients and caregivers alike, which is why the full-electric hospital bed is the type of bed typically used in medical facilities.




Patients can easily make bed adjustments independently with the touch of a button

Ideal for use in almost any care environment for any patient's needs

Great solution for patients who need frequent adjustment or older caregivers with less physical strength



This type of electric hospital bed is usually the most expensive

In addition to these three categories, there are also several specialty bed designs available to better meet unique requirements.


Bariatric electric hospital beds are designed to be wider and stronger than a standard electric hospital bed, offering better accommodation for larger or heavier users. This typically includes a larger sleeping surface and a mattress specifically designed for bariatric patients. These durable, heavy-duty beds can can measure up to 54-inches wide and 88-inches long, and can accommodate a user weighing up to 1200 pounds.

Low electric hospital beds are similar to standard electric hospital beds, the only difference being that their height range is wider, allowing the bed to lower almost to floor height. These beds are specifically designed to offer fall prevention, and help those who may have difficulty getting up into bed or getting out of a bed.

Hospital cribs and safety beds provide safety and security for children who need medical care. They feature high sides or railings on all sides to help keep children who at risk of falling out of bed or who may be at risk of elopement safely inside the bed's surface during their recovery time.


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