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What are the Kinds of Hospital Beds?

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What are the Kinds of Hospital Beds?

Hospital beds provide a real good support to the caretakers especially for the elderly patients. Let's look upon the advantages and types of these medical beds. Patient beds are adjustable by height and by raising/lowering the head and lower body areas for the comfort and needs of the patient. People who are immobile or spend most of the day in bed may require medical beds that have more positions and options available to prevent pressure or bed sores.

There are 3 main types of medical beds (manual, semi-electric and full electric) and others that are more specialized (such as bariatric beds).


Hand cranks are used to raise and lower the head and the foot of the bed as well as to adjust the height of the bed. These beds are the most economical and a good choice for people that do not require frequent repositioning.


An electric motor is used to raise and lower the head and foot portions of the bed. Patients and caregivers adjust the positioning by pressing buttons on a hand pendant. The height of the bed is adjusted manually with a hand crank and will require someone that is physically able use it.

Full Electric:

Height and positioning of the bed is controlled by the patient and/or caregiver with a hand pendant and does not require the use of a hand crank (unless there is a power outage, but many beds now have a back-up battery that would power the bed in emergency situations).

Having a hospital bed for a home is also a necessity for those individuals who have some sort of mobility issues. Maidesite manufacturers both manual and electric hospital beds in various shapes. Welcome to consult us for more details!