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What are the Functions of Home Nursing Bed?

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What are the Functions of Home Nursing Bed?

Some people may be inconvenient and unable to take care of themselves for various reasons. In order to make it easier to take care of them, family members will prepare nursing beds at home.

When designing and developing the home nursing bed, the user's situation is respected to the utmost. With the most comprehensive and intimate design, the bedridden and self-care people have the ability to achieve basic life self-care, and depression will not occur.

What are the functions of home nursing bed?

The general household nursing bed has the following functions, not to say that the more certain functions are better. It mainly depends on the user's physical condition.

1. Back up&down

This function is the most important one, on one hand, it is to promote blood circulation, on the other hand, the user can sit up to eat, read a book, which can solve many problems. Maidesite nursing bed can achieve 0 ~ 70 ° back up to meet daily nursing needs.

2. Leg up&down

Basically, the legs are lifted up and placed down. Both up and down can promote blood circulation. Everyone has their own needs. Some nursing beds on the market only have the function of up or down. Maidesite electric nursing bed can realize two functions of lifting and lowering legs, which is suitable for users' daily leg activities.

3. Left Turning & Right Turning

People who are bedridden for a long time, such as paralysis, coma, and partial trauma, need to turn over frequently to prevent bedsores. It takes more than 1 or 2 people to complete the manual turning. After turning over, the nursing staff can help adjust the side sleeping posture to make it more comfortable to rest. The Maidesite electric nursing bed can be set to turn around 1 ° ~ 50 ° at regular intervals to relieve local long-term pressure.

4. Easy to move

This function is very practical, allowing users to sit up on a chair and push around.

5. Urination function

The electric bedpan is opened, and the functions of lifting back and bending legs are used together, so that the human body can sit and stand and urinate, and it is convenient to do the cleaning work for the caregivers.

6. Head & feet washing: Paralyzed patients can be washed head and feet on bed.

7. Foldable Side Rails

This function is mainly for the convenience of nursing. In order to facilitate people with limited mobility to get on and off the bed, it is recommended to choose a good guardrail, otherwise the card will not get stuck there, which is even worse.

All of the above functions are included, and the mesh cushion is used, which is soft and comfortable. The home nursing beds on the market seem to be similar, but in fact, the seemingly small differences in details will be very different in the actual nursing process. Although it is not necessary to choose the best one when choosing a nursing bed, you must choose the most suitable one.