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What are Necessary Hospital Beds Accessories?

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What are Necessary Hospital Beds Accessories?

Hospital beds rails offer great hand holds. They also protect people from rolling off the sides. While you would never want to restrain someone in bed rails are great reminders for people who need help in and out of bed. Bed rails can be attached on the entire length of the bed, or half rails can attach near the top of the bed. These rails are great for getting in and out of bed and usually don't get in the way of getting in and out of bed.

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Over bed tables slide close to the edge of the bed. They create a versatile table surface that works well with the size and design of hospital beds at home. Sheet or blanket supports raise blankets off lower legs and feet. These supports keep blankets from restricting leg movement and getting tangled as your loved one moves. Blanket supports also keep the extra weight off sensitive skin to help prevent sores and friction in calves and ankles.

If your loved one is prone to pressure ulcers specialized air mattresses can help. These mattresses provide alternating pressure and help keep body weight more evenly distributed. According the the US National Library of Medicine alternating pressure mattresses are clinically shown to better prevent pressure ulcers than standard mattresses.

The adjustable nature of hospital beds makes it easier to provide incontinence support. Caregivers can use side rails and hight changes to better manage personal care. Great cleanliness supports healthy skin. Minimize risk of bed sores and urinary tract infections with quality adult briefs, especially for overnights.