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What are Hospital Beds Adjustments?

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What are Hospital Beds Adjustments?

Many patients spend a lot of time on their hospital beds, it's important to equip them with adjustable hospital beds. The question is, what are hospital beds adjustments? Hospital beds are designed for people with serious medical issues and their caregivers.  In addition to adjusting the head and foot of the bed, a hospital bed can be raised toward the ceiling and lowered close to the floor.  This function helps save the backs of caregivers and helps to prevent the patient from injuries if they fall out of bed.The following are the adjustments that Maidesite sorts out for you:

Head Adjustment

The head or backrest adjustment on the home hospital bed controls the top area of the bed. It raises and lowers the upper body. Its range of movement is from flat to almost vertical.



Foot Adjustment

The foot adjustment or leg elevation function raises and lowers the legs. The foot adjustment includes a knee break or articulation, which allows the knees to be raised above the feet.


Height Adjustment

The height adjustment—often called a hi-low adjustment—controls the height of the bed from the floor. The height adjustment is one of a home hospital bed's most important safety and convenience features.

It allows the bed to be adjusted to an ergonomic height when a caregiver or medical professional is treating the patient.


Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg Adjustment

The adjustment is named for the Trendelenburg Position, in which the patient is laid on their back on a 15–30-degree incline. Medical professionals use the Trendelenburg Position in many scenarios, particularly during some surgeries and for patients with respiratory or circulatory conditions.


The Reverse Trendelenburg tilts the bed in the opposite direction, raising the head and lowering the feet.

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