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What are Hospital Bed Side Rails?

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What are Hospital Bed Side Rails?

Adjustable side rails are often installed on hospital beds. They improve the safety, comfort, and independence of adjustable bed users. Many hospital bed users do not need side railswhich are also called bed guard rails or assist rails. But for some patients, they are a practical and helpful addition to their bed.


In this article, we look at what side rails are and how they work. We discuss some of the ways side rails improve comfort and safety. Finally, we explore the risks associated with side rails and how to minimize them.


Bariatric hospital beds in high position and rails up

One of our hospital beds with full-length side rails.

A side rail is a barrier attached to the side of a bed. The bottom of the rail can be attached to the rigid frame of the bed, although some rails rely on the weight of the mattress to hold them in position. The top of the rail rises above the level of the mattress. Adjustable side rails may include a mechanism or fixture so that the rails can be raised, lowered, or removed.


Side rails can be full-size: as long as the hospital bed. Half-size rails are about half as long as the bed but can be used in pairs if required.


A stainless steel home hospital bed side railing

Close up of a single home hospital bed rail

Bed rails are usually made from metal or rigid plastic. Metal rails may be covered with more comfortable and less slippery material.


Using Side Rails Safely

Side rails are a practical addition to a hospital bed, but they can be dangerous in some circumstances. If they are fitted incorrectly or used with the wrong mattress, the bed’s occupant can become trapped under the rail. In rare cases, being trapped under a bed rail has proved fatal. When using bed rails, always make sure they are fitted safely and used with a compatible bed and mattress.



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