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What Size Sheets for Hospital Bed?

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What Size Sheets for Hospital Bed?


Are you going to put a hospital bed into your home or facility and want to make sure that you have the right size sheets to cover it? Well then you're going to want to take a closer look at the information here.


Hospital beds are generally a standard size, which means you shouldn't have a problem finding the right sheets for them.


What's even better is that there are sheets available at your regular store that will fit a hospital bed, so you aren't stuck only ordering from a medical supply store.


What Size Sheets For Hospital Bed Do You Need?

You actually need a Twin XL sheet to fit a standard sized hospital bed mattress.


These mattresses are typically 36" x 80" which means they're a little bit too long to fit a standard twin, which is 39" x 75".


An XL sheet set, like the one you would buy for your child going off to college, will generally be a good fit here and will have enough length to make sure that you can fully attach them to the mattress.


No one wants to be sleeping and have the sheets slip off the bottom of the mattress in the middle of the night.


Twin XL sheet sets are actually 39" x 80", which means they're a little bit wider than the hospital bed, but they're going to be just the right length and that's the part that matters the most.


You can always tuck the sides under a little bit extra but you can't do anything about the length if there's just not enough.


Now, if you're using a bariatric hospital bed you're going to need to buy specialty sheets because there is no equivalent size for a standard sheet set.


This means you'll need to look for a medical supply store that makes sheets specifically for hospital beds, which will have options for both standard size and bariatric sizes.


Getting a Perfect Fit

If you want to make sure that you have a perfect fit to the sheets that you're using then you'll need to buy standard hospital issue sheets as well.


These are going to be made specifically to the size of the hospital bed mattress.


This might also be essential if you have a thicker mattress than the average or if you're using any type of gel cover or foam topper on the mattress to increase comfort.


Hospital mattresses by themselves are the same thickness as a standard Twin Xl sheet set, however adding extra depth could make it too tight of a fit.


Keep in mind you'll have a few extra inches of length on each side, which may be able to account for a thin topper, but if you need to add too much in order to keep your patient or loved one comfortable you'll likely need to check a medical supply store for the dimensions that you need.


Getting Something Fun

The great thing about being able to use Twin XL sheets for a standard hospital bed is that you’ll be able to get some fun patterns and colors.


(Although, there is a good reason they typically use white hospital bed sheets.)


When it comes to these sheets they're typically designed for high school students heading off to college, which means they come in an array of different options.


You'll be able to easily find something that will match the preference and style of your loved one. This can definitely make it more fun for them, especially having to be in a hospital bed a lot of the time.


The unfortunate thing about standard hospital sheets is that you're not going to find as many options.


Instead, you're going to have standard colors, if they come in colors at all. For some, this can be a bit of a problem.


Keep in mind that just because you can't find sheet sets already made in the style or pattern that you want doesn't mean that you can't get them.


You might just need to make some yourself or use a custom fitted sheet with a patterned top sheet or blankets (which could be a little larger).


If you want to create something a little more fun for your patient or loved one a Twin XL top sheet or even a Queen size top sheet could be used over the top.


These may be a little bit larger than the bed, but they can at least make it a little more personalized to them. Making their bed better reflect what they like can definitely help them feel more comfortable in it.


The same is true for bariatric size hospital beds, which can be used with King or California King size top sheets to get a fun addition to something that could otherwise be quite boring and basic. All you need to do is find one that you like.


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