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What Makes Home Hospital Beds Comfortable?

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What Makes Home Hospital Beds Comfortable?

Home hospital beds are sophisticated pieces of medical equipment with many moving parts. Beds from different manufacturers range enormously in features, quality, and cost. Features are given different names in different stores. If you have no experience of adjustable beds, it can be difficult to get your head around the details. 

For many, a home hospital bed is an essential part of their treatment and recovery. The bed's adjustments, comfort, and safety features allow them to be treated in their own home rather than in a hospital or care facility.

Already frustrated by their confinement, a patient's quality of life and mental health depend on comfortable and pleasant surroundings. The right equipment, accessories, and conveniences make long-term bed rest more bearable.

Hospital Bed Mattresses

Aside from the bed itself, a mattress impacts comfort more than any other factor. Inexpensive inner-spring mattresses are adequate when all you do in bed is sleep, but they lack the pressure-distributing support for long-term comfort. High-quality hospital bed mattresses use progressive laminated foams or memory foam to adapt to the occupant's body shape and position. They are engineered to distribute forces intelligently, mitigating the shear and pressure that causes bedsores.

Consumer-grade mattresses are not designed for home hospital beds. The adjustments of a home hospital bed work best with mattresses no more than seven inches thick. Thicker mattresses that might appear more comfortable are, in fact, less comfortable because they prevent the adjustments from properly shaping the bed's surface.

The material the mattress is made of also affects comfort. Patients who spend a long time in bed need a mattress that handles moisture, odors, and bacteria. If moisture can't evaporate, mattresses become a health-hazard. The filling and fabric of home hospital bed mattresses allow fast evaporation and have anti-microbial properties to maintain a hygienic and comfortable environment.

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