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What Exercises to Do From Your Home Hospital Bed?

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What Exercises to Do From Your Home Hospital Bed?

There are two reasons to exercise. First, exercise helps increase or maintain range of motion. Second, they help increase or maintain muscle strength. Both help patients sustain a degree of independence and a better quality of life. Many home hospital bed exercises rely on nothing more than the weight of the patient's body and gravity.


Palm stretches

Palm stretches are excellent for building strength, range of motion, and dexterity in the hands and wrists.


Bring your hand up towards your body.

Extend your fingers and hold your hand flat.

Keeping your palm open, touch your thumb with each finger in turn.

Repeat with both hands as many times as feels comfortable.


Arm and leg lifts

Arm and leg lifts use the weight of the limb and gravity to give the muscles of the patient's extremities a workout.


With arm lifts:

Lie in a comfortable position and bring your arm up. You should feel some resistance.

Hold your arm in this position for 10 seconds. If you can't manage 10 seconds, don't try too hard. Start with a shorter time and gradually increase the interval.

If you cannot lift your whole arm off the bed, try with just your lower arm, resting your upper arm on the mattress.

Leg lifts follow a similar pattern:


Lie comfortably and lift your leg towards the ceiling using your hip joint.

Hold the leg in position for 10 seconds or for as long as feels comfortable.

Gently lower the leg back to the bed.

Repeat with the other leg.


Ankle Pumps

Ankle pumps give the muscles in your lower legs and ankles a workout. They can be done when you are lying flat on your back and when you are sitting up in your adjustable home hospital bed.


Ensure that your legs are straight.

Keeping your legs against the bed, point your feet away from you so that the toes point towards the wall opposite your bed.

Then, point your toes up towards the ceiling.

Repeat for as long as you feel comfortable.


Heel Slides

Heel slides work out the muscles of your leg and also some of the muscles in your lower torso.


Lie flat on the bed or in a sitting position.

Slide one foot towards you so that your knee points up to the ceiling.

Gently slide the foot away from you and back into its original position.

Repeat with the opposite leg.



You can think of this exercise as a sort of upside-down push-up. Instead of putting your palms on the floor and pushing against your body weight, you lie on the bed and push your arms upwards.


Lie flat on the bed.

Bend your arms and bring your hands upwards so that the backs of your hands rest on your shoulders.

Push your hands up towards the ceiling, and then gently lower them back towards your shoulders.

Repeat several times.


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