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What Can be Adjusted on Home Hospital Beds?

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What Can be Adjusted on Home Hospital Beds?

A typical home hospital bed is highly adjustable to suit a variety of users' needs. You'll find the same level of adjustability in any good hospital beds, and it's all to help maintain and enhance the level of care and comfort.

Height Adjustment on Home Hospital Beds

This one is fairly straightforward; height adjustment simply means that you can change the height of the bed to suit the user's requirement. Height adjustment can also come in handy when carers are tending to patients but don't want to stoop over and risk back injuries because the bed is too low.


Adjustable Backrests

Any good home hospital beds with have built-in backrest adjustability to allow for different positioning and the ability to socialize whilst in bed.


Backrest adjustability gives the user the ability to sit up for eating, reading, chatting and other things. Putting the backrest up also helps patients with respiratory issues as it opens up their airways.


Trendelenburg & Anti-Trendelenburg Positions

Trendelenburg and Anti-Trendelenburg positions are sometimes included in home hospital beds; they certainly are in some of our beds. These positions are used for more specialist reasoning and not simply for comfort.


The Trendelenburg position entails being tilted at 15° to 30° in a supine position with your feet above your head. It used to be used during operations and such to give better access to organs, but it isn't used half as much as it used to be due to there being a lack of evidence that shows any benefits.


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