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What Are The Advantages Of Adjustable Hospital Beds?

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What Are The Advantages Of Adjustable Hospital Beds?

Adjustable hospital beds are increasingly commonplace in hospitals and health clinics. When recovering from an illness or an injury, comfort is critical, but adjustable beds offer so much more. With a growing range of hospital bed suppliers offering an increasingly diverse range of hospital beds, here are some of the main benefits of adjustable hospital beds and some buying tips for those on the hunt for the best products.


Adjustable hospital beds are becoming more widespread, and this is no surprise, as they offer a host of benefits for both patients and health professionals. These include:





When you're in hospital, and you're recovering from an injury, a surgical procedure or an illness, comfort is key. Adjustable hospital beds enable you to adapt the position of the bed with ease, enabling you to find positions that are most comfortable for you. You can modify the head and feet areas as and when you wish and once you've found the optimum position, you can relax and focus on getting better. Often, when you're in hospital, you spend a lot more time in bed than you would normally, so it's essential that you're as comfortable and calm as possible.





If you've had surgical treatment, you've been injured in an accident, or you have underlying health issues that affect your mobility or coordination, it can be very frustrating to feel like you're reliant on others to do the simplest tasks like moving your feet or sitting up. Adjustable hospital beds give patients more independence and control, and they can move around without having to ask for help.





Even if you feel comfortable while you're sitting up or lying down, it's beneficial to be able to move your body and adjust your position after a while. If you stay in the same place for a prolonged period of time, this can cause aches and pains, and it could even contribute to pressure sores. Adjustable beds allow you to change position with minimal stress and effort. Many people like to be sat up in the morning to talk to visitors, enjoy a cup of tea and watch TV before adjusting the bed to nap in the afternoon and then rest in the evenings.





One of the best things about electric hospital beds is the option to adjust the height, which makes getting into and out of bed quick and seamless. For many patients, getting out of bed and then climbing back onto the mattress is very difficult with limited mobility and range of movement, and being able to lower the bed can make a huge difference.



Benefits for Caregivers


Adjustable beds promote comfort and independence, and they also make life easier for caregivers. With electric controls, you can adjust the bed without expounding energy, and tasks like helping patients get out of bed become much less physically demanding.




Considerations for Buying a Hospital Bed


Whether you are sourcing products for a hospital or a medical clinic, or you're looking for an electric hospital bed for home use, there are various factors to bear in mind. Examples include:



Weight Capacity


It's essential to make sure that hospital beds offer safety and stability. There is a range of hospital and home-care beds available to support individuals of all sizes and weights. For heavier patients, bariatric beds are recommended.



Side Rails


Some hospital beds have side rails, some have half-rails, and others don't have sides. Often, it's possible to put side rails on and take them off as required. Side rails provide additional safety measures for patients and they help to eliminate the risk of falls.





This may not be a concern for a health facility, but if you're looking for a hospital bed for your home, you may be more interested in beds that are designed to blend in with residential decor.




Adjustable beds provide an array of benefits for patients who are recovering and undergoing treatment in hospital, as well as home-based individuals who have long-term health problems or chronic injuries. Modern electric hospital beds give patients more freedom and control, they help to promote independence, and they make it much easier to find a comfortable position, which aids relaxation. Adjusting parts of the bed can also facilitate recovery, for example, lifting the feet to ease swelling, and improve mobility. Electric controls also make it easier for health professionals and home caregivers to look after individuals who struggle to get into and out of bed. If you're used to manual controls, you will find that investing in an adjustable hospital bed has a really positive impact.