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Top Tips for Lightweight Wheelchairs

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Top Tips for Lightweight Wheelchairs

Getting used to using lightweight wheelchairs is often a case of understanding that most of the issues you will face are relatively common and that there are solutions. If you find you are having serious difficulties with anything, reach out online or to your GP or wheelchair supplier. The answer is probably out there and, once you find it, you can begin to enjoy a life that is well supported by your mobility aid.


Lightweight wheelchairs from Maidesite are available to export to the world. This means that you can visit and try before you buy. You end up with a local, experienced contact that you can turn to if you need further support or adaptations to your mobility aid.




With many lightweight wheelchairs, you have the option of propelling yourself or having someone else do it for you. When you first start manoeuvring around, you will have a period of adaptation while you figure out where your boundaries are. You will get a sense of your turning circle, what kind of incline you can tackle and the kind of terrain that is suitable for your chair. You'll also be building up a bit of muscle memory so that your propulsion becomes second nature.


During this time frame of getting used to your wheelchair, it's important to be patient with yourself. It's normal to have a few tricky points while you are learning to do something, and you will get better at it to the point where you no longer think about it.




Think of the maintenance of lightweight wheelchairs like you would a car – mechanics, tyres and comfort. Every month, ensure that all bolts are tight and check your tyre pressures according to the manufacturer's instructions. Don't get used to a problem with your cushioning or support – change it instead. If you feel uncomfortable, the chances are that there is some kind of accessory that will change that for good.


Perhaps the most useful tip when it comes to maintenance is that you can get a professional to do it for you. You can return your chair to a local supplier for a service.


When it comes to technology, it's easy to get geeky. It can be fascinating to check out the technical specs and delve into the pros and cons of the product features. And while going for the latest fancy widget is appealing, it's great to take a step back and remember that technology is a tool, and as such, is it fit for the job you want it to do?


When it comes to lightweight wheelchairs from Maidesite, we have such a wide range of options available with so many customizable features we are sure that we have something to suit your unique needs. And when you speak to our dealers you'll see that they always keep in mind the end goal: how will this enhance the user's lifestyle?


Designed for your life


We know that as well as being awesome pieces of tech, our lightweight wheelchairs are much more than that for you: they are freedom, the freedom to live life the way you want to, whatever your mobility issues. We have chairs that are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, ones that fold up neatly into a car boot or storage cupboard. We have chairs that can cope with rugged environments, or the procession of pavements on the school run or the way to the local shops.


We supply lightweight wheelchairs with long-life batteries, so you can explore further afield without worrying about your chair letting you down. And you can choose from a huge range of accessories and customizable features for lightweight wheelchairs to create the chair that works for you and your family. These include:


Adjustable and moveable footrests and armrests

Varying seat sizes

Different kinds of joysticks

Tray tables

Drinks holders

Back-of-the-seat bags


Find out more


Call, email or visit a Maidesite dealer today and find out how we can help you to get a lightweight wheelchair that will support you to have the freedom and lifestyle you want. We recommend that you browse our online catalogue to find the model you want, then call your local dealer to arrange a test run. The dealer can also advise you about sources of funding to help pay for your lightweight wheelchair.