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The Modern Features of Hospital Beds

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The Modern Features of Hospital Beds

Hospital beds are designed for those who need to stay at the bed for many hours everyday or those who need some form of health care. They are comfortable, safe and convenient for the patients. Common features include adjustable sections and the whole bed, side rails and the electric control panel and others.

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The wheels of hospital beds are lockable. If you need to move the patient with the bed to some other place, just unlock the wheels and move the bed.


Advanced hospital beds can be adjusted to raise or lower the whole height, the head, back, leg, feet sections to prevent bed sores.

Side Rails

The side rails of the hospital beds are designed to keep the patient from falling down and also as a support if the patient needs to get in and out of the bed.


Some hospital beds are equipped with columns which help tilt the bed to 15-30 degrees on each side.

There are more features of the hospital beds and if you pay attention to the above features you should have a first impression of hospital beds. Keep follow our website and we will shre more information about hospital beds for you in the future.