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The History of the Medical Beds and Their Development

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Medical beds are designed to help patients to be comfortable during recovery. While medical beds are sometimes ignored by many people, if someone asks you: what is the history of medical beds and their development? Can you show them the right answer? You can follow Maidesite today and get to know well about the history of medical beds.

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Medical beds have evolved significantly since they were first introduced in the 1800s. Here we will take a brief look at the types of medical beds and dive back into history to provide an overview of the history of medical beds and their development.

Types Of Medical Beds

There are many types of medical beds you could see in hospital facilities, hospitals, and in a person's home. At Maidesite, we divide medical beds into manual and electric ones. Some people differ them by functions as well.

There is no doubt medical beds have gone through significant changes over the years. A 2016 Journal of Physics: Conference Series paper titled, From Modern Push-Button medical-beds to 20th Century Mechatronic Beds: A Review, provides a historical outline of the developments of the medical bed:

1815: It's estimated that sometime between 1815 and 1825 that beds with adjustable rails began to appear in Britain. They used a mechanical crank to move the side rails up and down.

1909: Willis D. Gatch invented the 3 segment adjustable bed, which today is often referred to as the Gatch Bed. It allows for the head and the feet to be elevated.

1945: Push button medical beds were invented by General Electric. One interesting feature about this design is it included a built-in toilet. The idea was to eliminate the bedpan.

1950s: In 1952, the Hill-Rom Company, developed a bed with an electric engine. In 1956, the company its first bed with full electrical functioning.

1974: Control panel on side rails was invented.

1983: An electric bed for home use outside of the hospital was introduced.

1993: Specific industry standards for electronic medical beds are developed to protect against mechanic and electric hazards.

Today: Researchers continue to develop and build upon current medical bed designs. New industry standards are evolving helping to make beds more functional, intelligent, comfortable and easy to use for patients and caregivers in a hospital, care facility, or private home setting.