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The Differences between Manual & Electric Hospital Beds

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The Differences between Manual & Electric Hospital Beds

Hospital beds are usually divided into two types: manual hospital beds and electric hospital beds. Some people sort electric beds into semi-electric and full-electric hospital beds. Here we will discuss about the differences between manual and electric hospital beds.

First of all, the prices of them differ. Many families can easily afford a manual hospital bed, when it comes to electric hospital bed, they need to think again. Cause the cost of electric hospital beds are really high.

Secondly, people can distinguish it from the names, manual hospital beds are operated by hand cranks, electric hospital beds are adjusted through a control. At this point, electric hospital beds are more welcomed than the manual hospital beds.

Thirdly, manual hospital beds are often used in short-term situation. If the patient needs to stay on the bed for a long time, it is better to choose electric hospital beds, it takes no effort to raise or lower the patient with the control. If the patient is heavy, it will take the caregiver some time and energy to adjust him/her.

Lastly but not least, it's not good to stay on the bed for too long time, the patients need to get up from the manual hospital beds. But if it's an electric hospital bed, the patient doesn't need to move himself, there is a function of some types of electric hospital beds that the beds can be controlled to move softly, making the patient more comfortable.

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