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The Best Lightweight Wheelchairs

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The Best Lightweight Wheelchairs


You may have stumbled across this article looking for some brand names of lightweight wheelchairs that have different features which you need to consider. Rather, we thought that it was important that you find the best lightweight wheelchair specifically for your needs.


In doing so, you do not need to be weighed down by additional bits and bobs that you don't need and you can enjoy some of those added extras that make your machine go from functional to luxurious.


We can help you do this by pointing out some of the key features of a lightweight wheelchair that you need to consider. It is important to come to a sales specialist with some kind of knowledge about what you are looking for so that we are best able to provide you with options that meet your needs.


What do I need to consider?


You do not only need to feel safe in your wheelchair but comfortable as well. These machines have been designed to provide you with independence and freedom to get you out and do the things that let you love life.


Lightweight models use strong, yet very light, materials and, in order to further reduce the weight of the final product, padding is usually minimal. If you believe that you will be using your wheelchair for extended periods, we suggest that you look into obtaining additional padding for your seat, as well as padding for the armrests as well.


However, if you just want to have the wheelchair as an option in the boot of the car and want to be able to confidently remove it and set it up on your own, then weight may be more of a consideration.


We always tell our clientele that they need to try before they buy so that they can get a feel for the chair and decide whether they need one higher from the ground with footrests, extra padding or other additional features to transform their chair into an extension of themselves.


Seat size is also important to take note of, as many chairs offer slimmer sizes to again reduce the size, which may prove to be restrictive and uncomfortable for certain people.


Who are these models designed for?


All wheelchairs have weight restrictions with lightweight models having the lowest of all. They do take a certain amount of weight however and good models can hold 300 or more pounds. People over 6th may need to look at custom made models to ensure that they can use the footrests should they want to.


From the elderly to those who are temporarily injured or disabled, to people who find it difficult to stay on their feet all day, these chairs are designed for all people who come from many different walks of life.


By investing in a model that is easy to transport, carry, fold and unfold, we trust that you are providing the means to improve the quality of your life by letting you get out and enjoy yourself more often. Wheelchairs have been designed to aid people in getting around, you should not have to feel cumbersome or restrained from your model of choice.


There are wheelchair models for all different situations and environments. If you have some kind of impairment that makes it either difficult or impossible for you to get around without assistance, then it is very likely that it has been suggested for you to obtain, or you already have, some kind of wheelchair to help make life easier.


However, when shopping around for a wheelchair, the market is flooded with different styles and models, which can make a seemingly simple task into a headache. However, these inventive and numerous options are a blessing, enabling people, with different limitations and lifestyle choices, the freedom to continue their life assisted, rather than hindered, by these machines.


In the realm of manual wheelchairs; these are the kind that are maneuvered through man power rather than electric, there is a selection of heavy duty wheelchairs, as well as lightweight wheelchair versions for you to choose from. Depending on your personal situation and the amount of time you believe you will spend sitting in your chair, one version will undoubtedly stand out more than another to be the more suitable choice.


Wheelchair users are invited to benefit from more than one wheelchair if this suits them. Using one sturdier option for getting out and about and a lightweight wheelchair at home, or vice versa, means that a balance can be struck to couple versatility with comfort.