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The Advantages & Disadvantages of Electric Hospital Beds

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The Advantages & Disadvantages of Electric Hospital Beds

Since electric hospital beds take a large part in the hospital bed market, more people wonder where to buy electric hospital beds and the price of electric hospital beds. But have you figured out the advantages and disadvantages of electric hospital beds before you buy an electric hospital bed?

Maidesite aims at electric hospital beds with dozens of years' manufacturing experience, we are going to share some information about electric hospital beds.

Advantages of Electric Hospital Beds

Blood Circulation - We all know that the electric hospital beds are controlled by motor panel to raise and lower, which makes the patients movable on the bed to promote blood circulation and avoid acne.

Comfortable - Electric hospital beds carry a wide array of air, inner-spring and foam medical mattress, which makes the patients very comfortable on the bed.

Convenient - Back to the days when manual hospital beds are used, the patients need to raise or lower by themselves or with the help of caregivers, which could be done with a motor control when using electric hospital beds. What's more, the sitting angels of an electric hospital beds are more selective.

Disadvantages of Electric Hospital Beds

Cost - The electric hospital beds in the market starts at approximately $1,000, while at Maidesite it can be from $100-$2000+, feel free to contact us for more information.

Poweroff - Electric hospital beds are maintained by electricity, therefore there is possibility that an electric hospital bed be powered off while use it. Thus it is very important to pay attention to the power in case it is powered off suddenly.

Heavy - Electric hospital beds have more parts than a normal bed or manual bed, therefore they are heavier than other beds, it's better to choose deliver to your house.

After seeing the advantages and disadvantages of electric hospital beds, you may get better known of electric hospital beds and it will be easier for you to choose electric hospital beds in the market. Maidesite is a professional hospital bed manufacturer, for over 12 years, Maidesite is dedicated in designing, manufacturing and exporting high quality hospital beds to the world. If you are going to wholesale hospital beds from a professional supplier. Maidesite is a good option. Contact us anytime for more details.