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Professional Manufacturer of Hospital Beds—Maidesite

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Professional Manufacturer of Hospital Beds—Maidesite

Hospital beds are not only used in hospitals but also in old age homes, sanatoriums, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, outpatient clinics and home health care. Speaking of which, we need to consider comfort, convenience and safety. Maidesite hospital beds covers all the factors with pretty good quality. For example, there is a hand control on the side of the hospital bed that allows the patient to adjust the bed position according to his or her need, with the adjustment being carried out very smoothly and quietly to maintain the silence which is generally expected in a medical environment. In a case of the hand control malfunctions, there is a manual cranking option provided under the bed.

Maidesite has acquired ISO, CE, FDA certification. Our QC department inspect each production and processing steps, from accessories manufacturing, welding, rust removal, painting, assembly, screw and bolt outfit to finished products storage. Whether it is retail or bulk purchase, we guarantee that deliver goods is consist with commitment goods. Our company-Ruilangde, is a national high-tech enterprise recognized by the ministry of science and technology. Our company is the model enterprise of rehabilitation assistant devices application, also the member of the Association of Medical Equipment of Hebei province. And the member of China Rehabilitation Auxiliary Equipment Association.

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Moreover, the first project of ruilangde covers an area of  55,800 sqm, equipping with more than 200 sets top level facilities, including: CNC machining center, intelligent welding robot, automatic (nano-ceramic) spraying production line,etc., Our annual production capacity is more than one million sets. The surface rust elimination of the steel is operated by an advanced large-scale high-pressure sandblasting descaling production line. The rust removal process uses high-quality corundum, two times rust removal, each product does not leave any dead angle in the rust removal process, the surface is smooth and clean, ensuring that the spray surface will not peel off during 10 years, and avoid hazard caused by sulfuric acid removal.

This descaling equipment meets the national environmental protection requirements and will not have any detrimental impact on the environment. Our company is equipped with the best painting line in the industry. Independent spray chamber avoid color mixing. The double-sided spray ensures uniform spray surface. The high standard temperature control system provides precise temperature control for the baking equipment in the spray molding process, avoiding fluidization, unevenness, roughness and yellowing caused by temperature instability. The floor of the finished warehouse is carpeted, which effectively protects the sprayed surface from scratches during storage and packaging.

If you are looking for professional manufacturer of hospital beds, please feel free to contact Maidesite, we will provide the certificates you need as well.