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Power Wheelchairs VS Lightweight Wheelchairs - A User's Guide

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Power Wheelchairs VS Lightweight Wheelchairs - A User's Guide


Shopping around until you find the right mobility aid is vital if you want to get one that truly meets your needs. When you are choosing between power wheelchairs and lightweight wheelchairs from Maidesite, they both offer different qualities when it comes to helping you get around and integrating them into your life.




As the names suggest, lightweight wheelchairs usually offer a lighter load than power wheelchairs. There are also ultra-lightweight models. These are often fixed frame due to the materials they are made out of and the fact that folding mechanisms add weight.




Even though they are heavier, power wheelchairs assist with manoeuvrability. They are usually battery-powered and steered using a joystick. Some have different kinds of controls for people who do not have the full use of their hands.


Lightweight wheelchairs are self-propelled or designed to be pushed by someone else.



Wheelchairs come in lots of different sizes. This is something you will need to explore when you are deciding which model to go with. Most lightweight wheelchairs fit through standard size doors. Some fold away for ease of storage and so that they can be easily transported.


Generally speaking, power wheelchairs are larger and fixed-frame although there are exceptions to this. They usually require you to have some adaptations to your vehicle in order to transport them.


Level of technology


Obviously, a motorized power wheelchair has more technical parts that need servicing. Many come with warranties or even service contracts.


Lightweight wheelchairs are simpler, but they still need attention. It is important the all moving parts are kept oiled. Any screws need periodic tightening. It is also essential to keep an eye on the tyres in the same way as you would with a car. The tread needs to be deep enough for grip. Any tyres that show signs of wear should be replaced. Maidesite has a range of spares and accessories so you can easily get the things that you need.


How to maintain your electric wheelchair

An electric wheelchair is your ticket to mobility. It is also a significant investment. With proper care and maintenance,you can make the most of your power wheelchair and minimize the potential for mechanical mishaps.


At Maidesite, our power wheelchairs are designed to last when given proper care and maintenance. Understanding some basic aspects of your electric wheelchair will help you keep it running for longer.


Keeping your battery alive

Charging your power wheelchair batteries frequently is important for keeping your power wheelchair functional over a prolonged period of time. At Maidesite, we recommend charging your battery during the night for optimal results.


Even if you are not using your power wheelchair on a regular basis, it is important to charge the battery to prevent damage or deterioration of the equipment in the long run. Naturally, replacing the battery according to schedule will also prevent any complications with your power wheelchair.


All Maidesite power wheelchairs come with a maintenance manual, which is the best place to start if you are looking for information on how to care for your power wheelchair. You should read the manual carefully and refer to it periodically to get maintenance tips that are specific to your particular power wheelchair model.


Understanding the basic parts of a power wheelchair and how they function is also beneficial. Potential problems may then be easier to recognize before they worsen and require extensive repairs, which can often be quite expensive.


Follow your maintenance schedule


Although some problems may be easy to tackle on your own, not all of the components of your power wheelchair can be fixed or maintained by you.


Quite often power wheelchairs will come with a timetable or maintenance schedule, which you should follow if you want to ensure continued ease of use and comfort in your power wheelchair.


Ever ready to help you


If your power wheelchair breaks and the repair is simply too overwhelming for you to accomplish on your own, we are here to help. Alternatively, you can also contact us by email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.