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Maidesite—One of the Best Hospital Beds Manufacturers

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Maidesite—One of the Best Hospital Beds Manufacturers

According to a professional research, the hospital beds market is expected to grow at a garg of 7.8% from 2020 to 2027 to reach at 5.23 billion by 2027. Especially this year the world is effected by COVID-19, more and more hospital beds are needed. For distributors, it is crucial to find out the hospital beds manufacturers to sell the quality hospital beds with low price.

Hospital beds are specially designed for patients to provide them with extra comfort, relief, and convenience during the time of hospitalization. How to find quality hospital beds manufacturers now? If you search "hospital beds manufacturers" on google, you will see many ads. Some hospital beds manufacturers, like we Maidesite, do advertise on google to find more partners.

As one of the best hospital beds manufacturers in China. Maidesite has acquired ISO, CE, FDA certification. Our QC department inspect each production and processing steps, from accessories manufacturing, welding, rust removal, painting, assembly, screw and bolt outfit to finished products storage. Whether it is retail or wholesale, we guarantee that deliver goods is consist with commitment goods.

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Moreover, the first project of ruilangde covers an area of  55,800 sqm, equipping with more than 200 sets top level facilities, including: CNC machining center, intelligent welding robot, automatic (nano-ceramic) spraying production line,etc., Our annual production capacity is more than one million sets. The surface rust elimination of the steel is operated by an advanced large-scale high-pressure sandblasting descaling production line. The rust removal process uses high-quality corundum, two times rust removal, each product does not leave any dead angle in the rust removal process, the surface is smooth and clean, ensuring that the spray surface will not peel off during 10 years, and avoid hazard caused by sulfuric acid removal.

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If you are looking for quality hospital beds manufacturers, please have a look at Maidesite and we've worked with partners from all over the world. Our hospital beds are well designed with good quality.