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Maideiste Relocated to New Factory

Views: 475     Author: Maidesite     Publish Time: 2019-12-07      Origin: Maidesite

Maideiste Relocated to New Factory

Dear friends,

Recently, Maidesite has relocated to Dezhou. Our new factory is a multi - functional place which integrate manufacture, office business dealing, reception center and show room.

In this new factory, we have various production lines, including: manual wheelchair and electric/power wheelchair, hospital bed and hospital bed for home, anti-decubitus air mattress, alternating pressure mattress. We also establish an assembly line for compressed nebulizer and portable nebulizer. Maidesite has introduced several kinds of advanced machine for the accurate and effective production of high-quality products.

Time flies, Maidesite is always keeping to promote and upgrade the value and mission. Although, we still an enterprise that focus on manufacture. But we endow mission and value for our future. We hope that the disabled, the elderly, senior citizens, weak people can afford the wheelchairs, hospital beds, nebulizers, air mattress which can promote their life quality. Making them feel love and happiness, inspiring their life.

We are looking forward to meeting and entertaining our customers wherever you come from.

Best regards,