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It's Important to Choose the Perfect Lightweight Wheelchairs

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It's Important to Choose the Perfect Lightweight Wheelchairs


The choice in lightweight wheelchairs nationwide is influenced by three critical factors important to the user; maximum mobility, enhanced comfort and optimal functionality. Neglect to meet certain design criteria and a user may experience a few less-than-desirable outcomes, impose poor posture and restrict the ability to live independently, not to mention the extreme difficulties discomfort brings.


Factors that impact wheelchair mobility and manageability


When deciding upon their choice of wheelchair, users should be mindful of a few factors that will improve mobility and manoeuvrability, especially when used outside. The following points are considered the most essential:


Weight load distribution

The correct weight load pressure between front and rear wheels is useful to improve friction. Enhanced friction provides greater stability for the user although it does require slightly more energy to engage the wheelchair in the case of self-propelled wheelchairs.


Finding the mass center

Another impact on stability and manoeuvrability is making adjustments to locate the mass centre. This is the location where the weight of the wheelchair is most evenly distributed. Wheelchair designs may accommodate for this need of adjustments by making available a number of axle configurations a user can choose from. The ideal centre of gravity position can be found by manipulating the lever and axle plate system that is featured on many modern wheelchair designs.


When it comes to choosing an appropriate model to help aid your mobility, it can be extremely overwhelming when given such a vast range of different styles and options to choose from.


It is important that you understand the benefits and potential disadvantages of each style of wheelchair so that you can evaluate what will be the most practical and suitable wheelchair for your personal needs. Every style of chair has been designed for a particular kind of patient in mind. There is no one-size-fits-all as you may have been led to believe.


People who are still mobile but find that they would benefit from having a wheelchair as a mobility aid every now and then greatly benefit from the features that a lightweight wheelchair offers an individual.


By being foldable, easy to lift, easy to carry and non-obtrusive, people such as the elderly, temporarily or slightly disabled can take advantage and feel more freedom in how they live their lives. There is no need for some kind of special transportation for your lightweight wheelchair, nor do you need a nurse or assistant to help set you up. You can savour your independence by ensuring that you are readily capable of handling your chair when you need it.


When would one be suitable?


Whether you find it difficult moving about the house with ease or perhaps feel hesitant in taking a trip to the supermarket or shopping mall for fear of exhausting yourself, your lightweight wheelchair can alleviate your fears by being readily available when you need it most.


It should be understood that these models are manual, meaning that you need to propel yourself using your upper body strength. As they are lightweight, they are easy to manipulate and control, however, you should take a test run of a model that you are interested in to make sure that you feel comfortable in how they work.


Rough and uneven terrain is not ideal for these chairs, as are steep inclines. Being self-propelling, you are limited to the kinds of terrains that you can comfortably go on by yourself. If you believe that you will need to use your wheelchair on more uneven ground, please speak with one of us to determine what style of chair would be best suited for your needs.


You need to consider some of the features that are available


It's great to know that many of our chairs are customizable, meaning that you can pick and choose what features you believe will be the best for your personal needs. We recommend that you discuss your requirements with your local Maidesite retailer so they can recommend suitable products, adjustments and accessories.


Maidesite looks forward to seeing you and determining what the best model of wheelchair will be to enable you to have a greater quality of life.