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Is it Correct to Buy a Wheelchair Online?

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Is it Correct to Buy a Wheelchair Online?


Wheelchairs are not necessary for everyone, for people who are unable to walk, they need a wheelchair to assist walking. If you need to buy a wheelchair, buy from a local store or online is either an option. In a local store, you can experience the wheelchair by yourself. However, buy a wheelchair online?


The answer very much depends on why you need the wheelchair. For short term use, for example, after sustaining an injury, a wheelchair bought online could be an option. For long term users, we recommend the user consult an occupational therapist or mobility equipment retailer who have the experience to recommend the right wheelchair. 


Things to consider before deciding


It may be possible to hire a wheelchair if your requirement is short term. How long will you need the wheelchair for? Will you need to lift the chair? Lightweight wheelchairs are easy to transport in the car.


If you need a wheelchair for more than six months and will use it for long periods of time, then we recommend buying a wheelchair that has been prescribed for you. Whether it is for yourself or an elderly relative, sitting in the wrong wheelchair for long periods of time can be uncomfortable. When a wheelchair is too large, the user will slide forward, which is uncomfortable and can cause pressure sores and back pain.


An ill-fitting wheelchair is the number one cause of bad posture and pressure sores. When you buy a wheelchair online the chances of getting a wheelchair that fits your exact measurements are slim. When a therapist or retailer recommends a wheelchair, they consider special requirements and configure the wheelchair after it is delivered.


After Sales Service

Buying a wheelchair online can be risky without the correct information, particularly a power wheelchair. There are a lot of parts that may need to be adjusted, repaired or serviced over the lifetime of a product.


A product might look like a bargain initially, but the powered wheelchair will eventually need attention.


Product Adjustment

There are many more settings and functions on a power wheelchair than a manual wheelchair. A lot of power wheelchairs are tailored to the user which is why they are more expensive. Depending on the user's lifestyle and disability, there are functions that can allow the user to stand, tilt, recline. Depending on the user's mobility range, there are different types of controls. The list goes on! You may need help deciding what you need both now and in the future.


For power wheelchairs buying locally means a short trip to your local retailer to make any adjustments or resolve any issues you may have.


Research your options


The safest way to buy a power wheelchair is with the advice and guidance of a therapist or retailer. Working with professionals will allow you to discuss your requirements and try out different types and brands of wheelchairs so you can find the most suitable one.


In Summary


Purchasing a wheelchair online can be convenient but for longer term users research is key. Talking to a professional will help you get the right wheelchair or power wheelchair, why not speak to Maidesite staff today, for 12 years, Maidesite is dedicated to manufacturing wheelchairs and exporting them to the world. Consult us now for more information of wheelchairs.