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Introduction of Maidesite New Series Hospital Beds

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Introduction of Maidesite New Series Hospital Beds

Maidesite is a professional manufacturer of hospital beds with 11 years' experience. Customers from all over the world are welcome to visit our factory and cooperate with us! Recently Maidesite put forward a new series of hospital beds and some of them are equipped with new functions.

Maidesite MD-N01 Electric Six Functions Hospital Bed


Maidesite MD-N02 Electric Five Functions Hospital Bed


Maidesite MD-N03 Electric Three Functions Hospital Bed


Maidesite MD-N04 Manual Three Functions Hospital Bed


Maidesite Double Cranks Manual Hospital Bed

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At Maidesite, we have diversified products like manual hospital beds, electric hospital beds, home nursing beds, as well as wheelchairs, nebulizers and so on. Our quality is assured,  we have acquired ISO, CE, FDA certification. Our QC department inspect each production and processing steps, from accessories manufacturing, welding, rust removal, painting, assembly, screw and bolt outfit to finished products storage. Maidesite also makes sure that our delivery is fast and we accept worldwide shipping.  Here at Maidesite, you can enjoy the best sales service and management.

Maidesite is affiliated to Hengshui Hengzekang Medical Equipment Co. Ltd., which specializes in the R&D, manufacturer and sales of medical equipment and rehabilitation products. Our main products are manual and electric hospital beds, wheelchairs, home nursing beds, bed mattress, crutches, walking aids and other health care related products. Maidesite has cooperated with customers from all over the world and recently we are communicating with Stryker.

If you are going to wholesale hospital bed from a manufacturer, please don't hesitate and contact us now!