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ICU Beds VS. Hospital Beds

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ICU Beds VS. Hospital Beds

ICU beds and hospital beds have one key thing in common. They help medical staff to react and provide treatment quicker in an emergency.


This is crucial in an ICU and perhaps the key difference between ICU beds and other hospital beds.


Levels of care

In the UK, all hospitals classify patients based on their care needs. Here are the different levels of care categories used by NHS Trusts:


Level 0 – Patients whose needs can be met through normal ward care.


Level 1 – Patients at risk of deterioration, or those recently transferred from level 2/3. Their needs can be met on an acute ward with some advice and support from the critical care team.


Level 2 – Patients who need more detailed observation or intervention. This includes those requiring support for a single failing organ system or post-operative care and those "stepping down" from level 3 care.


Level 3 – Patients requiring advanced respiratory support or basic respiratory support plus support of two or more organ systems.


ICUs care for level 2 and level 3 patients. They are more likely to have complex needs or to deteriorate suddenly and require immediate intervention from medical staff.


Therefore, ICU beds need to be equipped to support this rapid response.


Most hospitals need versatile

We've looked at which features are particularly helpful for ICUs and why. But, in reality, most hospitals we work with want beds that are flexible and versatile enough to use in different areas of the hospital.


Over the years, we've supplied hundreds of beds with the features listed above to wards outside of ICUs. Emergencies can occur anywhere, so it helps to be prepared for rapid response.


Plus, if circumstances change and there is a sudden increase in critically ill patients then it helps to have additional beds available to facilitate critical care.

MD-N02 ICU 5 Functions Electric Hospital Bed



Supporting ICUs through the COVID-19 crisis

The current COVID-19 outbreak in the UK has caused just that. ICUs are facing increased demand and hospitals across the country require more beds suited to critical care. We're pleased to say we have already delivered much-needed beds to NHS Trusts nationwide – including the NHS Nightingale Hospital North West in Manchester.


We still have large stocks of beds available for urgent delivery to NHS Trusts. Our expert team are on hand 24/7 to help procurement teams source beds which meet their hospital's requirements and are equipped for ICU use.


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