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How to Tell if a Patient Bed Price is Proper?

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How to Tell if a Patient Bed Price is Proper?

For those who are looking for the patient bed price in the market, Maidesite would like to remind that patient bed price vary cause they come in all shapes and sizes, it also depends on what accessories you need.

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Here are a few things that will affect the patient bed price, so you can understand the rough prices and how to budget for your ideal bed.

One of the first things that affect the patient bed price is the siderail. Siderails range in style and cost depending on what sort you want.

The bed controls will also affect patient bed price. If you want to have a control panel built-in to the siderail, this will be more expensive. Similarly, nurse controls will also push up the patient bed price.

Narrow patient beds tend to cost more because they are a specialist size. Likewise, shorter patient beds will also be more expensive.

Integral length adjustment may also cost more on some patient beds. The Volker range is available with length adjustability, but it doesn't come as standard.

Bariatric patient beds will also be more expensive because they are bigger. Bariatric beds are also reinforced for plus-sized patients to make sure that the bed will provide long-lasting support around the hospital.

Any additional accessories you add on to the bed will also increase the patient bed price. That includes things like IV poles, brake alarms, and built-in weigh scales.

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