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How to Pick a Hospital Bed Table or Tray

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How to Pick a Hospital Bed Table or Tray

It can be hard to get much done when you're bedbound. Even with a fully-adjustable hospital bed, it's not exactly easy to use a computer, read a book, or eat a meal entirely on your lap.


That's why choosing a good hospital bed tray or table is so important. Whether you're recovering from surgery or suffering from a chronic illness, they can make a world of difference in your life.


Here's a bit of advice on choosing one that works for you.


Decide What Type of Home Hospital Bed Table You Want

Generally, there are three types of bed tables.


The first, and simplest, is a tray that rests over your legs. This may either have folding supports for easy storage or be a single, solid object. If you decide to go this route, make sure it's not too heavy or difficult to move, particularly if you suffer from reduced strength or impaired motion.


Your second option is a wheeling overbed tray. These have the benefit of being slightly sturdier and much more adjustable than on-bed trays. Additionally, because they're supported by a rolling frame rather than resting over your legs, they tend to be a bit larger, as well.


Finally, you can go for a heavy-duty one that spans your entire bed-frame. These trays either clip onto the bed directly or are wide enough that they can be placed over your mattress. Most are also adjustable, with multiple height options, though some people may find their size a bit excessive, and they may not work as well with adjustable mattresses.


Having access to a hospital bed table or tray is essential to your recovery process, and not just because you need it to eat properly. It's a matter of comfort, a chance to add a bit of normalcy back into your routine.


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