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How to Make it Comfortable While Using Hospital Beds?

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How to Make it Comfortable While Using Hospital Beds?

For a person who is bedbound or confined to home hospital bed by a medical condition for many hours a day, the comfort of their home hospital beds and room is paramount. They can't get up to go somewhere else. Minor discomforts become major annoyances and even painful injuries; a lumpy mattress causes bedsores given enough time.


Hospital Bed Accessories

When you spend a long time in bed, small conveniences make a big difference. Hospital beds can be extended with ergonomic accessories with a wide array of functionality:


Bed rails help patients to move around more easily and act as a barrier to stop objects.

Hospital bed tables provide a surface for eating, reading, and using devices such as laptops.

Reachers and grabbers help patients to pick up and move items that they would otherwise need help to reach.


Remote-Controlled Adjustments

A powered adjustable home hospital bed allows people to manage their position from the bed via remote control. A remote helps them sit up when they want, to raise and lower the bed's height, adjust the position of their head and legs.



Ill-fitting sheets cause considerable discomfort. They bunch up under moving patients, reducing comfort and contributing to bedsores.


For many patients, a home hospital bed is not just a place to sleep. The home hospital bed and room circumscribe their world. A stimulating, convenient, and ergonomic environment makes an enormous difference to the quality of life and mental health.

We don't often think about the height of a home hospital bed we plan to buy. Beds average around 25 inches from the floor to the deck, and vary in total height depending on the type of bed and the thickness of the mattress. That's fine for the healthy, though often awkward for smaller people, but those with health problems and their caregivers should carefully consider the height of a home hospital bed before they buy.


In this article, we look at some of the factors you should think about when you choose the height of your home hospital bed, and why a home hospital bed with a height adjustment is the best choice for many patients and caregivers.


What Height is Right for Your Home Hospital Bed?

The perfect bed height depends on the patient and their care and treatment needs. It is important to emphasize that you should consider the total height of the bed, including the height of the mattress. A mattress designed for a home hospital bed adds six to seven inches to the total height. A consumer-grade mattress can add much more.


Why Choose an Adjustable Home Hospital Bed?

While reading the above, you may come to the conclusion that it's impossible to buy a bed of the perfect height, and you'd be right. A bed that is low enough for a patient to safely stand up may be too low for a caregiver to provide treatment. A bed at the ideal height for a wheelchair transfer may not work with a particular lift.


That's why many caregivers and patients opt for height adjustable home hospital beds, also known as Hi-Low adjustable beds. Maidesite manufactures a wide range of height adjustable hospital beds. If you would like to talk to an expert about the best height adjustable home hospital bed for your circumstances, contact Maidesite today by phone or email.

Contact an adjustable home hospital bed expert from Maidesite today to learn more about choosing the most comfortable and functional home hospital bed for yourself or a loved one.