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How to Make a Hospital Bed More Comfortable

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How to Make a Hospital Bed More Comfortable

Anyone who has laid in a hospital bed for more than a couple minutes (or maybe a couple hours) knows that it is definitely not the most comfortable thing in the world.


You might feel all right for a little while. And then you're able to move around enough that it's okay for a little while longer. But then you start to get uncomfortable. And before long you're more than just uncomfortable, you're miserable.


If you have a loved one who is forced to stay in a hospital bed for an extended period of time that might be just why you're wondering how to make a hospital bed more comfortable, and it's not as difficult as you might think.


Picking the Right Mattress

The first thing you should do, if you have any say, is take a look at the mattress. There are plenty of different types and styles of mattresses available for a hospital bed and you may be able to find one that is softer (or firmer).


Talk to the patient themselves and find out what they would like from their mattress. If they want a softer mattress you can likely find one. If they want a firmer mattress you should be able to find one of those as well.


Of course, this is only really going to work if you have a hospital bed at home that you're using rather than using one actually at a hospital or other medical facility.


Consider a Mattress Topper

The next thing to look at is a mattress topper. These can help to make the bed even softer and more comfortable without compromising the level of support.


They can be great for patients who are used to a gel topper or who prefer something soft and cushioned. These are available in several different thicknesses and also several different styles.


Gel mattress toppers, foam mattress toppers and a whole lot more are out there, so look for something that's going to be most comfortable for your patient or loved one. You want to make sure that it's designed to fit a hospital mattress, however.


Pressure Regulating Mattress

Next, look to see if you can get one of the specially designed mattresses or toppers that help to regulate pressure throughout the mattress.


These are designed to adjust the level of pressure that's being put on different areas so that your loved one doesn't get bed sores.


If they don't have one of these already it's definitely a great addition to make. See if you can get one to put on their bed and help to increase their comfort level.


These aren't always the most comfortable themselves, because they move quite a bit, but they're going to keep your loved one from sores that are even more of a problem.


Upgrade the Hospital Bed Sheets

The sheets on the bed are something else that could make it more or less comfortable.


If your loved one is using standard hospital sheets then chances are they're not going to be that comfortable. These types of sheets are made to be durable and inexpensive for the hospital. They're not really meant to be all that comfortable.


Instead, look for other sheets that are designed for a hospital mattress but have a softer or smoother texture. Make sure you have the correct size sheets for the hospital bed.


These could definitely make it more comfortable for your loved one to stay in their hospital bed all day (if needed).


Cozy up with Blankets

Blankets are another great way that you can improve overall comfort and add a personal touch.


If your patient is cold you can use blankets to make them warmer. If they are just uncomfortable you can use blankets to help them feel more comfortable.


After all, curling up with a soft and cozy blanket is a great way to help someone feel a little bit better. You will generally be allowed to bring blankets from home for your loved one to use if they are staying at a hospital or other facility and you will be able to use whatever you like if they are already at home.


So, bring in a few blankets or even a pillow or two that will help your loved one feel more comfortable and warm in their hospital bed.


Take Advantage of Bed Settings

Finally, you are able to adjust hospital beds quite a bit so, check the settings on the bed. Does your loved one want their head or feet raised or lowered? How about changing the height of the bed altogether? Would raising or lowering the rails make them more comfortable?


These things can all help to improve the comfort level of the patient and will make sure that they are safe as well.


By adjusting these areas you can actually make changes whenever you want and the patient themselves can make adjustments too. This is going to keep everyone a whole lot happier.