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How to Maintain Your Power Wheelchair

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How to Maintain Your Power Wheelchair

Power wheelchairs are an alternative for elders or people with disabilities and allow them to travel when they usually wouldn't be able to. For these to function correctly and to ensure there are no issues when being used, power wheelchairs need to be taken care of and maintained regularly.




We encourage you to get to know your power wheelchair. To know your wheelchair will be an advantage for you and when it's time to go to the repair shop and explain what the issue is. Knowing your wheelchair puts you in a better position when the problem arrives.


It is crucial to inform yourself about the features of your wheelchair the recommended maintenance schedule. How is your power wheelchair built, and where could issues appear?




The first sign of any errors with your power wheelchair could be odd sounds or noises. Take the opportunity to learn the sounds of your wheelchair when it is running smoothly and doesn't have any issues. If a strange sound appears, even the smallest one, it is a good idea to head to the repair shop and ask for advice.


Learn how the power wheelchair is put together and always make sure bolts and connections at all times are entirely secured. If the wheelchair isn't correctly attached, it won't work correctly, and there is even a risk of it breaking. The slightest indication that something is loose or isn't right, you should head to the repairer immediately.


If any issues appear, head to the same place the wheelchair was purchased, or a similar manufacturer. This ensures you get the right parts for the power wheelchair so that it'll work properly. Otherwise, there's a risk the wheelchair might be damaged.




It is essential to charge the batteries of your wheelchair regularly and never let the battery run out entirely. It could be damageable for the battery to discharge completely, and may lead you to have to replace it sooner than necessary.


To ensure the batteries achieve their full capacity, here is a trick when first purchasing your power wheelchair. Drain the new batteries by up to 30% for the first ten days and before charging them.


Another tip is to avoid depleting the batteries over 80% as this might damage these quickly as well. If this isn't an option for you, consider increasing your battery budget to replace these more frequently.




Just like you keep your car clean for optimal performance, a power wheelchair requires similar care. If the wheelchair is dirty, it is not going to work correctly.


It is essential to wash the wheelchair with care to prevent it from rusting. A power wheelchair cannot be cleaned in the same way a car is; instead, consider using a damp cloth to wipe down your wheelchair. If possible, avoid wet weather as this might damage the power wheelchair. If there are any stains or spots, use a mild detergent to remove them.


If you inform yourself about your power wheelchair and follow these tips, will have your wheelchair helping you move around for a long time. Eventually, you're going to have to replace your wheelchair when it's worn out by age and tear. But when that time comes, the team at Maidesite will help find the right fit for you.