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How to Hop up Curbs for Wheelchair Users?

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How to Hop up Curbs for Wheelchair Users?


Hopping up curbs, while not as scary, can be quite difficult depending on the height of the curb.

For smaller curbs and bumps, you hop over them from a stationary or moving wheelie position.

For more substantial curbs, you might need to get a running start.

Take several hard pushes as you approach the curb.

Once you get to the curb, pop up to a high wheelie, and apply a lot of pressure on your back wheels into the curb.

As you hop up the curb, make sure you remain leaning forward, so your momentum will carry you to the top.

It is easier to hop up a curb using air filled tires as opposed to solid tires.

If you have difficulty on a curb, you can deflate your tires slightly.

This will allow your tire to dig into the curb more and make hopping up the curb easier.

If this way is not good, try to find a sturdy and stationary object nearby.

You can use this object to pull yourself up the curb.

This could be a parking meter, door frame or even a tree.

Just make sure you don’t pull yourself out of your chair.

Note: This article is edited from National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD)