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How to Hop Down Curbs for Wheelchair Users?

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How to Hop Down Curbs for Wheelchair Users?


Hopping curb is very useful when encountering and inaccessible sidewalk, friend's house, friends or you just want to take a shorter route.

Hopping down a curb is much easier than hopping up a curb because you have gravity in your favor.

There are two main ways to hop up and down curbs:facing forward or backward.

Hopping down a curb facing forward is more safer. When you approach a curb, pop into the wheelie position.

Find your balance position, and then hop down the curb while applying even pressure to your wheels.

It's important to land on your back wheels and then ease your front castors down to the ground.

When descending a curb backwards, roll your back wheels to the edge of the curb.

And lean your weight forward towards your knees.

Slowly ease yourself down the curb.

Once your back wheels have reached the ground, and take a pull backwards to lower your castors and raise your chest.

Once you have mastered sizable curbs, then you and practice hopping down multiple steps.

In order to hop down multiple steps, you must have superior chair control.

Start with a single curb.

Focus on hopping down the curb and landing in a wheelie position with your castors off the ground. This skill is critical.

When you are ready to try multiple steps, find a small set of deep steps to practice on.

Slowly pop down one step, pulling back into the step to regain your balance point.

And pop down and down until you reach the bottom.

If you must descend a larger or more shallow set of stairs and a handrail is available,

You might choose to go down the steps backwards while using the handrail.

Back up to the top of the steps.

Place one hand on the handrail, and other hand on your hand rim.

Lean all your weight forward toward your knees, and slowly descend one step.

Remember, after you descend one step, you might need to regain your balance and adjust your chair.

Slowly continue to descend the stairs step by step until you reach the bottom.

Make sure that you always remain leaning forward in your chair.

Once you've reached the bottom, you can slowly pull back, lower your castors, and sit back up in your chair.

Note: This article is edited from National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD)