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How to Fly with a Wheelchair

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How to Fly with a Wheelchair

As a disabled person, it may not very convenient for you to travel with a wheelchair alone. So you need to make sure everything before your travel.

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First, when you book a flight, you should make sure whether you need a special assistance. Most of the airports have been provided people with disabilities special assistance. When you book your flights, there will be an option somewhere on the screen to click whether you need special assistance or not. Specialist assistance will enable you to go to the front of the queues when you are been checked in. It will also enable you to board the plane first which is so handy. It gives you a chance to get on the plane get yourself sorted, put your luggage on the overhead locker, just settle in without everybody else sort of pushing and shoving and everything like that. Also if you get the special assistance as well, they will put you on a little buggy and drive you around the airport. If you can’t walk long distances, you can have someone escort you.

It is advisable to call for your airline 48 hours before your travel that you need special assistance. Make sure that you check with the airline and airport. They are going to be able accommodate your needs. You should know that you can also travel with up to two items of mobility equipment without it being classed as your baggage, so you won’t be charged for taking your wheelchair. When you book your flights, if you have any dietary requirements or things like that, then there is usually a whole list of different dietary requirements that you can check on. If you are worried about how you can actually get onto the plane, they do have a sky chair or an aisle chair. It is a awful chair with tiny little wheels. It not very comfortable to use it. The aisle chair will take you down to your seat if you need it.

How do you go to the toilet on a plane?

Some plane will support the aisle chair or the sky chair. But you might want to check that and they are not on every single plane. It depends on the size of the plane. So you need to district your liquid intake.