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How to Choose an Electric Hospital Bed for Home Care

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How to Choose an Electric Hospital Bed for Home Care

There is a wide range of electric hospital beds for home care available nowadays - many different models, sizes and with different features to choose from. Electric hospital beds for home care are designed to allow a person to recover, heal, rest and and to receive care in the home.


See below main points to take into account when choosing the right electric hospital bed:


1. Style:

Patients who are at risk of falling are not protected from the impact of a fall if the bed only descends from a lower almost to floor height.

Provide an extra care factor for those who may be at risk for falling out of bed, and a safe working height for nurses and carers when raised.


Easily dismantled and easier to install


Larger sleep surface

Accommodates larger and heavier users


2. Safe Work Load:

It is important to find and electric bed that can hold the user's weight.


3. Bed Size:

Which size will be required? Single? Long Single ? Kind Single? Queen?


4. Rails:

Full Length

Will the person require rails protectors? ->  Highly recommended for confused patients who may hurt themselves by hitting the bed rails or getting arms, legs, head, etc., stuck in the rails.


5. Headboards:

Headboard is optional for some bed models.


6. Mattress:

Types: Static, Dynamic and Alternating Air (Does it require an underlay mattress?)

Risk: Low Risk, Low to Medium Risk, Medium Risk, Medium to High Risk, High Risk to Very High Risk, Very High Risk

Sizing: Single? Long Single (ICare Range)? Kind Single? Long Single (ICare Range)? Queen?

Overlay: Sheepskin? Memory Foam Topper? Eggshell Topper? Natural Latex Topper? Air overlay? Gel Overlay?


7. Incontinence:

Waterproof and absorbent protection


8. How mobile is the user?

Wonder Sheets (Highly recommended for manual handling)

Gooseneck/ Self Help Pole (It can be used to assist a person to sit up, lay down and re-position themselves in bed.)

Bed stick (Designed to enable the user to pull themselves upright when in bed)

Turn yourself sheet / Turn yourself pad (Design to help people with limited strength when turning in bed.)


9. Any other accessory required?

Sleep positioning system (Designed to provide different levels of support and prevent the child or the adult from getting stuck in harmful positions during the night.)

IV Pole

IV pole is convenient if the user need medicare.


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