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How to Choose Wheelchair for Senior

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How to Choose Wheelchair for Senior

How to choose wheelchairs for seniors? In fact, to purchase mobility tools for the elderly, it is necessary to consider the walking ability and mental state of the elderly:

1.With normal walking ability, as long as the age of the elderly is not very high.

2.Have difficulties in walking (older people may have difficulty walking due to different reasons such as rheumatism, hypertension, heart failure, etc.)

3.Loss of walking ability, while with normal intelligence, normal upper limb activity (some elderly people may lose walking ability due to severe knee disease, stroke, diabetes, etc., but the intelligence is normal)

4.Loss of walking ability, deterioration of upper limb activity, or dementia and semi-mentality (some elderly people are extremely old, their limbs are degraded, or may be in a state of dementia and semi-mentality due to symptoms such as Parkinson's)

For the first one - with normal walking ability, In the middle-aged and elderly people between the ages of 50 and 70, most of them have the same walking ability as those of the young people. If there is no special disease, walking within 2km does not require a travel tool.

If you walk more than 2km continuously, it will have a certain impact on the knee joint. Those people just need a walking aids which can help them when they feel tired.

For the second one - have difficulties in walking, older people over the age of 70, 2/3 will have difficulty walking, and increasing with age, which seriously affects daily activities.

Stroke, diabetes, lumbar disc herniation, ankylosing spondylitis, hypertension, atherosclerosis, nerve endings and many other diseases can cause difficulties for the elderly to walk.

This group of the elderly, it is best to control the distance of walking, otherwise it will cause unnecessary secondary damage to the body.

It is better to use an regular electric wheelchair.

For the third situation - complete loss of walking ability - all-weather use

When the elderly are completely incapacitated due to illness problems, if the intelligence is normal and the upper limbs are active, an electric wheelchair or scooter may be used.

For the last situation - complete loss of walking ability, and partial dementia - all-weather use

If the upper limb is completely weak, or has been mentally retarded, you can only use the attendant wheelchair.

If the elderly have a cervical spine problem, you also need to use a high back wheelchair to relief the pressure of neck;

If the elderly have incontinence problems, wheelchairs with a commode also need to be considered.

In brief, for the elderly, if there is a certain obstacle to walking when there is no damage to the intelligence, it is recommended to use an electric scooter and an electric wheelchair. This will enable the elderly to enjoy life better; also, you can choose a manual wheelchair.

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