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How to Choose Between Wheelchairs and Transport Chairs?

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How to Choose Between Wheelchairs and Transport Chairs?

There are standard wheelchairs and there are transport chairs, how do you know which one will best meet your needs? The first step is, you need to determine how you will be using your new wheelchair or transport chair. Will you be pushing yourself? Which chair will work best for your budget? Will a caregiver or family member be pushing you in the chair? Another consideration is, how often will you be using your chair?


Transport Chair Information:

Transport chairs have small front and back wheels, which means you will need to be pushed by a companion. This is a great solution when a person needs supervision because it prevents someone from moving the chair unassisted. This is not a good solution if you are looking for independent movement. Transport chairs are generally lighter in weight when compared to full size wheelchairs which makes them easier to fold up and place in a car. They are a great choice for churches, schools, places where a person will be using the transport chair occasionally to move from room to room. 


When choosing a transport chair you want to make sure you take note of the size of the seat as well as the weight restrictions. Don't be afraid to call the company and ask any questions you may have. Transport chairs are often used to help a person go from the bedroom to the bathroom. Transfer boards can be used to help the person move to the toilet or to a shower chair. By using a transport chair with a transfer board you will help avoid caretaker back strain and you will keep the person from experiencing discomfort or falls.


Wheelchair Information:

Wheelchairs have larger back wheels and are meant to be propelled by the person using the chair and they can also be pushed by a companion. Wheelchairs are heavier and with the larger back wheels they can used on outside terrain easier than transport chairs. Wheelchairs are available with more options and can be customized so they are more comfortable for the individual who will be using them. Wheelchairs are meant for daily use by a single user. Many people who use wheelchairs use their chair throughout the entire day so they can move from home to work. They are taking the wheelchair from street to car and back again.


Wheelchair & Transport Chair Accessories:

There are many wheelchair accessories that can help make using a wheelchair or transport chair easier. Pouches and backpacks specially designed to fit your chair are easier to use than something that wasn't designed for wheelchair use. Now it is possible to purchase communication device holders made specially for wheelchairs. They are a great way to hold your smart phone or tablet.


Whether you use a transport chair or a wheelchair, one thing is certain, you will want to find one that is the right measurement and size for you. Read the descriptions and never be afraid to call and ask questions.


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