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How to Buy a Hospital Bed for Your Home?

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How to Buy a Hospital Bed for Your Home?

If you plan to provide care to a sick, injured or elderly loved one in the comfort of your home, standard beds probably just won't cut it. Hospital bed for home care probably is the best choice. There's a reason that hospitals use specialized beds for their patients, and it's that many will require help with moving themselves in bed, as well as entering or leaving it, and will need to be specially positioned for certain care procedures. When selecting one of these highly equipped beds for use in your home, it's important to make sure you consider all the important aspects – which is where we can help.

Hospital Bed for Home Buying Guide

Buying a hospital bed for your home gives you hospital-quality care capability in the comfort of your own living space.

At, we know all about different hospital beds and who they are suited towards. In this article, we'll go over our top tips for buying a hospital bed, and point out some key factors you'll need to consider. At the end of the day, choosing the right bed is about providing the right level of care for your loved one, so there's no sense in rushing the decision without the proper knowledge.

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Most hospital beds will offer the basic requirements for medical use, but it's still important to be aware of them so that you know exactly what you're getting. At the very minimum, your hospital bed should include:

Hospital bed buying guide basics: electric adjustment

Remote Electric Adjustment

To make it easy to adjust your hospital bed without hassle, it's important that it features electric adjustment capability. This means that all functions of your bed can be controlled with a simple handset, letting you adjust all features of your bed with the touch of a button. Electric adjustment makes it easy for the user to adjust the bed for their own comfort, and for carers to spare themselves from constantly repositioning the user. Luckily, here at all of our beds for home use come with electric adjustment as standard.

Hospital bed buying guide basics: height adjustable bed

Height Adjustment

Whether to provide a safe working height for carers, or to ensure the user isn't at risk of injury from bed falls, it's important that the hospital bed you choose for your home is height adjustable. This is also crucial when transferring the user from their bed, as helping someone out of a bed that is too high or low can be dangerous for the patient and carer alike.

Hospital bed buying guide basics: profiling capability backrest knee break

Profiling Capability

This is perhaps the most important aspect of any hospital bed for the home, and what really distinguishes a hospital bed from a regular bed. Hospital beds for the home should be able to profile, meaning that they can raise the back, legs and knee break in different ways to properly position the user. Four-section profiling is most common, and is crucial for everything from sitting up in bed to fluid draining and other medical procedures.

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