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Getting a Hospital Bed at Home

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Getting a Hospital Bed at Home

If you or somebody you know can be discharged from hospital soon, but still requires preferential treatment, it may be that you'll require assistive equipment such as a hospital bed.


Naturally, this isn't the sort of thing any common household contains, so getting a hospital bed at home can seem confusing. This needn't be confusing though. We're here to help make things clearer for you.


Getting a Hospital Bed at Home - Applying for One

If you're looking at getting a hospital bed at home, you'll first want to check if your local council or hospital can provide you with one. Hospital beds can be expensive, so applying for one will be much kinder to your wallet.


Your local GP or district nurse should be able to advise on whether you'll be able to qualify for a hospital bed at home.

Getting a Hospital Bed at Home - Buying One

The price of a hospital bed can vary significantly depending on the make, build quality and features it contains. Prices can range from around $500 to upwards of $5000 so this is something you need to carefully consider when choosing to buy a hospital bed.


As mentioned beforehand one of the main benefits of buying a hospital bed is that they're available to anyone at practically any time. Your medical condition may not qualify you for a hospital bed, but that's not to say that you won't benefit from having one.


Healthcare mattresses for your home hospital bed

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