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Fun Wheelchair Accessories to Help You Ride in Style

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Fun Wheelchair Accessories to Help You Ride in Style

Everyone deserves to ride in comfort and style, and recent innovations in wheelchair accessories can help you do just that. Whether you are looking for accessories that provide convenience and comfort, or style and fun, this list was designed with a variety of needs in mind. Read on to learn about some of the coolest wheelchair accessories on the market, and how they can help you or your loved one.


Elevating Leg Rest


Sometimes we all just need to kick back and relax, and with this practical accessory, you can lift and extend your legs with ease. This accessory is not only comfortable for yourself or your loved one, but its sturdy design ensures that the wheelchair remains in a balanced and safe position.


Light-up Casters


Light up wheel casters are a classic way to add some flashy style to your ride. These accessories are a fun and lively way to brighten up your day and stun onlookers at night. Not only are these accessories cool, they also add additional safety by making your wheelchair more visible.


Folding Drink Holder


This practical and convenient accessory allows you to carry around your morning juice or afternoon tea with ease. This drink holder is also designed with spacers in order to support a variety of drink sizes/diameters without fear of spilling.


Custom Design Cushion Covers

In order to personalize your wheelchair to fit your individual style, consider investing in custom design cushion covers. These covers come in a variety of patterns including fabrics that you can purchase yourself and mail in. The cover are made out of spandex fabric, making them easy to stretch, and the bottom fabric is made out of non-skid, waterproof Eastex.


Umbrella Holder


Don't get caught in the rain unprepared, this umbrella holder accessory is a true essential that offers hands-free practicality.


Leather Wheelchair Gloves


If you're looking to sport classic and cool style, these leather wheelchair gloves will not disappoint. Not only are these gloves fashionable and timeless, they will also help protect your hands from wear when you push your manual wheelchair.




Wheelchair trays are versatile accessories that can make several tasks more convenient. Whether you are eating lunch, reading a book, using a computer or a tablet, or doing a variety of other things, a tray is an essential for ease and convenience.


iPad Mount


For those looking to upgrade their wheelchair with technology friendly tools, this iPad mount will put the virtual world at your fingertips. Take digital photos, surf the web, write emails, read eBooks, watch videos, and much more with the support of this user-friendly and flexible accessory.


Wheelchair Spoke Guard Protector Skins


These fun spoke guard protector skins allow you to cover your wheels with your favourite image. Choose from a variety of cool designs or customize your own skins to reflect your style.


These are just a few fun accessories that provide style and convenience. In order to browse more wheelchair accessories, including safety and medical accessories, visit Maidesite website and contact us for more information now:




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