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Essential Accessories to Choose a Home Hospital Bed

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Essential Accessories to Choose a Home Hospital Bed

A home hospital bed improves the quality of life and independence of bedridden patients. The right adjustable medical bed empowers patients to stay in their homes without sacrificing the comfort, safety, and therapeutic potential of a fully adjustable bed engineered for long-term occupation.


In addition to the bed itself, many bedridden patients benefit from accessories and add-ons. Accessories improve the safety and security of patients and help them carry out tasks on their own that would otherwise require a caregiver.


There are dozens of accessories available for people who are confined to bed. We're going to look at five of the most popular accessories for bedridden patients.


Bed Rails

Rails attach to the side of the bed and fulfill several roles. They prevent patients from falling or slipping out of bed. They also provide a sturdy hand-hold for patients to use while they're turning, repositioning, and getting into and out of bed.


Bed rails aren't appropriate for all bedridden patients, and they are dangerous if they aren't fitted and used correctly. However, bed rails substantially improve the comfort and safety of some patients.


We can fit half-length rails to some Transfer Master home hospital beds. For customers who want rails for the full length of the bed, we recommend using a pair of half-length rails on each side of the bed.


Our bed rails also offer an indispensable place to hand your hospital bed hand controls with an easy-to-access hanging hook.


Bamboo Rail Covers

Bed rails are typically metallic and are unlikely to fit with the decor in your bedroom. Rail covers improve the appearance of bed rails and give bedridden patients an opportunity to customize their environment.


Rail covers serve a practical purpose too: they make it less likely that the patient will become trapped or be injured. They are also more comfortable to the touch, less slippery than bare rails, and easy to remove for cleaning.


We stock Bamboo Rail Covers that are compatible with the chrome half-rails that can be fitted to Transfer Master beds.


Reachers and Grabbers

Reachers and grabbers are devices that help bedridden patients pick up and move objects that would otherwise be out of reach. They feature a handle with a trigger-like lever at one end and gripping jaws at the other end.


Reachers and grabbers—which are essentially the same thing—make a big difference to the quality of life of patients with limited mobility or flexibility, allowing them to manipulate objects on and around their bed without compromising safety and comfort.


Reachers and grabbers come in many shapes, sizes, and designs, and often include features such as suction cups, adjustable length, magnetic tips, and more.


Leg Lifters

Leg lifters help patients with limited mobility to raise and lower their legs. They feature a loop at one end to go around the patient's foot and a handle at the other end that the patient holds in their hand. Leg lifters help patients to get into and out of their bed, onto wheelchairs, and also to reposition their legs while in bed. They are also often used during rehabilitation and exercise.


Transfer Boards

Most bedridden patients leave the bed at some point: to go to the bathroom or to get into a wheelchair, for example. A transfer board is a stiff board that caregivers and patients use during the transfer process. It bridges the gap between the mattress and the surface the patient is moving toward, ensuring that there is no point at which the patient is unsupported.


We've covered five of the most popular home hospital bed accessories for bedridden patients, some of which are available on our accessories page. You might also be interested in reading Home Hospital Bed Accessories: A Guide.